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The Wedge Series


Since 2015

The Wedge Asia is a leading platform that brings conscious people from around the world together to connect, find inspiration, gain knowledge, and take action to co-create a better future. Why are we called The Wedge? Well, let me ask you; if you were taking a shot of tequila, would you bite into an entire lime? Probably not, because a wedge is just enough. We give just enough practical information, by bringing together experts to share bite-sized wedges of wisdom to a whole community of people who want to improve themselves and do good. In addition, we feature brands who go about their business in a mindful way and are pushing the boundaries of their industries. We are your monthly dose of Inspiration, Knowledge, and Action. Live more consciously. Psst. Heard of Green Is The New Black (www.greenisthenewblack.asia), Singapore’s first conscious festival? We also organise that.

Want to bring the WEDGE in your city? Email us at [email protected]