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Green Is The New Black

Eat Well With The Green Girl: Immunity-Boosting Fruits That Fight for Wellness

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Since COVID-19 emerged, most of us have been thinking more about our health. While there are endless recommendations on how to boost our wellbeing, there’s one simple thing we can do to maintain good health year-round (drumroll…): eat well. Yep, nutrition is one of the easiest ways to maintain good health – in a pandemic and life in general. We’re not the only ones who think so; Singapore-based food delivery company The Green Girl believes that immunity and vitality start on our plates.

The idea of fruits and vegetables being the key to overall health seems simplistic, but it’s true. Endless scientific research and studies have found that getting our five a day (or more!) is not only integral to physical health, but mental health, too. Adding the good stuff to your diet is an easy, reliable way to ensure that you’re in tip-top condition year-round.

Enter, The Green Girl

The Green Girl sells and ships fresh, certified-organic produce from small family-run organic farms in France, Italy, and Spain. The founder, Adriana, launched the company after facing health challenges and realising that ingredients have the power to heal – and the possibility to harm. Adriana noticed that, as Singapore has minimal farming land, most of the fruits and vegetables for sale likely endure long commutes, have too-long shelf-lives, and aren’t necessarily seasonal, all of which compromises the integrity of their nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. The lack of land also means that many fruits and veggies aren’t available at all in Singapore. Maintaining a diet replete with natural produce is the basic foundation of good health, but eating seasonally is a sure-fire way to nourish your body. The Green Girl only stocks seasonal fruits and vegetables (according to the European farming season) to ensure optimal freshness and encourage a more sustainable way of eating.

Fruit and veg from The Green Girl

The power of organic produce

As for working only with organic farms, The Green Girl knows the power of organic produce. Consuming organic fruits and vegetables doesn’t just reduce our exposure to metals and chemicals (found in fertilisers and pesticides). Studies show that some organic produce contains a more diverse bacteria population than non-organic produce, meaning a healthy gut and thus a stronger immune system. Other health benefits include more healthy fats and antioxidants than non-organic produce and no synthetic hormones. The produce The Green Girl sells carries the worldwide-recognised French and European ‘organic’ label, which means that farmers don’t use pesticide on their crops/farms, and their land and produce is tested every year to ensure standards are being maintained.

Sustainable fruit & veg delivered to your door

Getting your health fix from The Green Girl’s is simple: you order from their website and your goodies arrive at your door on the same day they arrive in Singapore, super fresh and still rich in natural nutrients. Singapore imports around 80 per cent of its produce, and at present, this is the only way for The Green Girl to get these high-quality, organic goods to customers, but they do try to offset their carbon footprint to mitigate the impact. The company also refuses waste by procuring only what has been ordered and packages its goods in recycled paper bags and cartons. The Green Girl ethos: no storage, no leftovers, no plastic, just original goodness and preserved nutrients.

Demonstrating their belief in good health for all, The Green Girl has donated a 30kg box of fruit and vegetables every week to different migrant worker dormitories since the COVID-19 outbreak. They also encourage customers to get involved – any time a customer donates fruit and veg (while ordering), The Green Girl matches the donation.

If you’re eager to enjoy the fruits of life (quite literally) and boost your overall health, but don’t know where to start, here’s a list of six that bolster our bodies:


We often exclude lemons when we’re talking about fruits because we don’t traditionally eat them whole, but they’re one of the most powerful fruits around. They’ve got antioxidants (which mop up the free radicals that can lead to diseases), antibacterial properties, and tons of vitamins (riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, and vitamin A). Oh, and they’re easy to incorporate in our diets: squeezed over salads, added to dressings, or simply dropped in a glass of water.


Ah, avos; trendsetting, satisfying, and we think it’s fair to say, life-changing. It turns out that all of that avo on toast is actually working wonders for our bodies. We know that avocados are full of healthy fats, but many of us don’t know what that really means. Oleic acid, the main fat in avocados, is linked to heart health, reducing the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Avocados are also full of fibre, magnesium (a woman’s BFF during her menstrual cycle), and blood pressure-regulating potassium.


There’s a reason people suggest eating oranges during the cold and flu season – they’re one of the richest sources of vitamin C. All of that goodness boosts our immune systems by helping our bodies to absorb iron from the vegetables and plant-based foods we eat. They’ve also got our colons covered: they contain high amounts of pectin, a fibre that feeds the good bacteria in our guts, helps to improve digestion, and binds to cancer-causing chemicals before swiftly removing them.

Heirloom tomatoes

Most people know heirloom tomatoes for their diverse array of shapes and colours, but they offer a lot more than an eye-catching aesthetic. First of all, they’re rich in vitamin K which is necessary for healthy, strong bones. They’re also packed with our wonder-friend vitamin C, and offer ample amounts of potassium and folate, both of which are integral to cardiovascular health. Lastly, organically grown heirlooms are high in lycopene which protects against nearly all types of cancer.


They may be small, but blueberries are most definitely mighty. Firstly, they’ve got an arsenal of weapons to protect and maintain our bone structures (calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, vitamin K). Then, there are their immune system properties. Those little berries can defend us against stress and viral infections (one hundred punnets please!), and also contain an extremely high amount of antioxidants that protect our hearts and brains (they’ve been proven to improve short-term memory, and are connected to slower cognitive decline in women).


In recent times, apples have been underrated and thus excluded from lists of ‘wow’ factor super-fruits. Well, no more. Apples are reliable all-rounders; they contain fibre that looks after our bowels, hormones, and digestion; are on top of our vitamins (C, K, and some B’s), regulate our liver health, and protect our hearts, cells, and bones with their antioxidants. If you’re looking for more antioxidants (and with their healing properties – which also include skin maintenance – who isn’t?), red apples are the way to go.

This article is brought to you in collaboration with The Green Girl.

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