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The Conscious Scoop: Stockholm cancels fashion week, Japan returns to commercial whaling, and the insufficient #DemDebate

Get up to date on conscious news this week: Stockholm is in pursuit of a more sustainable fashion week. Climate change barely receives air time on the #DemDebate. And the G20 countries tripled coal power subsidies?!


1. Swedish Fashion Council announced that a traditional Stockholm Fashion Week is a no-go.

The Council wants to help the industry prepare for the future, and in so doing, is cancelling their regularly scheduled Fashion Week (as we know it). Meaning, there will definitely still be a fashion week, just different. “We need to put the past to rest,” says Jennie Rosen, CEO of the Swedish Fashion Council, “and stimulate the development of a platform that is relevant for today’s fashion industry.” The Council made the announcement just a month away from their SS20 event, and no further details have been released yet.

Here’s to more Fashion Weeks around the world radically changing things up too.


2. Japan returns to commercial whaling, and they’ve caught two minke whales already.

This is the first two of an estimated 227 whales to be killed in the country’s first openly commercial hunt. There is an almost total lack of demand, according to the Environmental Investigation Agency. (The practice has been banned for 30 years.) And the whale hunt is happening without the expert oversight of the International Whaling Commission, the only international body with the mandate to manage whaling. If you didn’t know yet, whales are necessary for healthy oceans, and we don’t even quite know the full implications of the over-exploitation from commercial whaling.

Either way, it doesn’t make economic sense, nor is it practically sensible to use it for oil production (as it was in its heyday).


3. Climate only got seven minutes in the Democrats’ first 2020 debate.

Climate activists were furious to find out that the climate barely got any air time in the first 2020 presidential #DemDebate. The Green New Deal wasn’t at all mentioned, and most of the candidates did not weigh in substantially. Ironically, Miami was the host city for the debate, a city facing serious threats of rising sea levels and extreme weather. Activists are currently demanding a full climate debate to talk real plans and an agenda.

Some of the candidates mentioned climate change as the biggest threat to the United States, and yet refuse to have a climate debate?


4. G20 countries triple coal power subsidies despite ongoing climate crisis.

10 years ago, the G20 agreed to phase out fossil fuel subsidies. Today, this. China and India give the biggest subsidies to coal, with Japan third. And apparently, this isn’t even the full picture because these countries are not fully transparent about the other ways they are subsidising coal. All this despite renewable energy becoming increasingly cheaper and more adopted everywhere. The G20 economies collectively represent over 80% of global GDP and are responsible for 79% of global emissions.

So yes, they are very important.


5. Miley Cyrus goes on a serious rant at Tinderbox.

The vegan superstar had an expletive-filled message for her fans at the festival. “All of you know how important it is for you all to be involved in politics,” she said. “The youth, this generation, we are the last f*cking hope on this dying f*cking planet. It is begging you to f*cking go clean up the f*cking oceans.” She concluded her speech by exclaiming, “and by the f*cking way, we don’t have anywhere to f*cking go, either! There’s no planet B, so don’t f*ck it up!”

Go off, honey!


Image credits: Highsnobiety