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The Conscious Scoop: New Zealand’s “Tiaki Promise” and Plastic May Have Killed a Whale

Travelling to New Zealand or London this winter? Get ready to make a “Tiaki Promise” or join their first Eco-Friendly Christmas market! The world is making waves to save our Earth before it’s too late. Check out what’s up in the world of sustainability in our Conscious Scoop this week!


1. Make a “Tiaki Promise” when you travel to New Zealand

New Zealand is a nature lover’s paradise, and they intend to keep it that way. In a bid to protect their environment, travelers must go through a rigorous screening and make a “Tiaki Promise,” where you pledge to be good stewards of the environment during your trip.

Should this be done everywhere we travel?


2. The Truth behind H&M’s Sustainable Fashion

Is H&M’s cheap prices hindering their environmental efforts? While H&M is sparking dialogue about the bane of consumerist efforts, but are they misleading us?

What’s up when these big corporations go eco in their work? 


3. London’s zero-waste, vegan-friendly market

Pack your bags, if you’re heading to London this winter, you need to check this out. At this zero-waste vegan-friendly market, they believe that Christmas is the perfect opportunity to engage in conversations about overconsumption and environmental impact – while making it fun and easy at the same time.

Pack your bags, we’re going to London.


4. Is our consumption of plastic killing anyone?
Yes, it’s highly likely. In a dead sperm whale just nearby (Indonesia), there was 115 cups, 25 bags, 4 bottles and 2 flip-flops. These plastics can result in reduced weight, energy and swimming speed, which makes whales more vulnerable to predators.
5. Singapore’s national day goody-bags to be more eco-friendly in 2019
A parliamentary decision was made to make Singapore’s National Day Parade slightly more sustainable. One example is giving out one large bottle instead of two. Check out what else is going to change with this new decision.