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Green Is The New Black

The Conscious Scoop: Lush’s Cutest Turtle Bath-bomb & Green Waves in Fashion

Reading Time: 3 minutes
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Lush’s latest turtle bath-bomb isn’t just a cute addition to your bath but is spreading – or fizzling – with an important message. The fashion industry is also sizzling with greenness everywhere. From lipsticks to eco runway shows and a big focus on plastic waste, this week is blinking green for conscious style-chasers everywhere.

Here are 10 interesting things you need to know that’s happening in sustainability around the world over the past week.

1. Lush’s cutest turtle bath bomb: an ode to Ocean Plastic Problem
Lush’s Turtle Bath Bomb is both talk and action. On one hand, it stimulates your senses to give you a relaxing soak in the tub. On the other, it aims to raise the awareness of turtles dying from consuming plastic waste in oceans. It is also not only packaging free, if shipped, it comes in biodegradable stuffings. What a blissful and beautiful way to combat ocean pollution.
There’s nothing a nice warm, delicious blue-green bubble bath can’t fix. 


2. Lipstick, the silent killer.
We can’t live without palm oil, close to half of the things in supermarkets are made from palm oil. Lipstick is very dependant on palm oil, especially the reddish pulp of the fruit on oil palms. Worth $40 billion, the lipstick industry is lip-smackingly great. Unfortunately, this comes at the expense of our closest relatives, the Orangutans.
Do you really need that lipstick? You probably already have 27 of them in the same shade.


3. What single-use plastic says about your and your business 
According to our friend Doug Woodring, on a daily basis, more people are impacted by trash and dirty water than by climate change. Businesses who are using single-use plastic show ignorance and lack of care for the communities they are apparently trying to serve. It’s no longer cool to be a tosser.
It’s time to stop using excuses.


4. A stomach full of plastics
In a recent BBC documentary, the stomachs of seabirds were so full of plastic, they had no room for food. Seabirds aren’t picky, they eat anything that they can get in order to thrive. Generalist predators, as they say. But when we put plastics in the oceans, they inevitably end up swallowing them. Then these mama or papa birds go on to feed their babies with chewed up plastics. The cycle is endless, will plastics ever stop harming our wildlife?
Beat plastic pollution today.


5. Climate change can lower the quality of your coffee
If you (or your friends) don’t care about climate change, it is time you do. It is reported that Ethiopia, a major coffee producer, could lose up to about 60% of farming land for coffee. Temperature is a huge factor when growing coffee, so climate change could really shake things up over there.
 Time to save the Earth to keep that cuppa yummy and toasty.


6. Convenience as a tool to spark sustainable habits
Technology brings about many conveniences. Your iPhone is a laptop, scheduler, alarm clock and TV all in one. We are all suckers for technology, which means it can bring about so much change. What if we can use technology to gain momentum for sustainable habits?
Technology for good.

7. Singapore slides to 3rd place in Sustainable Trade Index
Singapore has often been lauded for her progress in institutional and industrial environmental efforts. She topped the list in 2016 but has fallen two ranks in 2018. Trade is very important for Singapore’s economy, but it is not always the greenest due to things like emissions, etc. So what’s stopping her for being at the very top?


8. “Fashion shouldn’t cost the Earth”
That’s right, but it is costing the Earth. Production already involves tons of chemicals and emissions, consumption means greater demand for these items and when we’re done, where do these textiles all go? We probably only use about 20% of our entire wardrobe, we are guilty of producing this waste.
How can we remodel the fashion industry?


9. Plastic Waste washes up on Christmas Island shores
Imagine plastic waste from distant (or not-so-distant lands) coming up your pristine beaches, dirtying your land and killing your precious marine life. Ocean plastic pollution is not an isolated problem, it has gone global with the tides and currents. Sometimes, turtles eat these plastic bags thinking they are jellyfish. We are killing our planet, not only at home but all around the world.
Ask yourself, do you really need that much plastic in your life?


10. Fashion, an ever-changing industry
There is nothing more pleasing to the ears than a conscious fashion audience. At the inaugural State of Fashion exhibition, guests were treated to 50 cool examples of sustainable fashion made from plastic bags, fish skins, and more. People are becoming more aware of the harmful effects of the fashion industry and this is a step in rethinking fashion.
Check out some of the cool designs right here.


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