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Green Is The New Black

The Conscious Scoop: Google Calculates Your Carbon Footprint & London Fashion Week goes Vegan

The fashion industry is making big strides this week. From vegan Stan Smiths that are #hypebeast worthy and London Fashion Week going fur-less, the industry is showing signs of a growing awareness. Plus, did you know that Google Maps now allows you to calculate your carbon footprint?

Fashion and activism takes the spotlight in this week’s Conscious Scoop. Check out these hot sustainability headlines from around the world and the region from the past seven days.


1. Stella McCartney does it again

Not only did she design Megan Markle’s (and many other celebs’) eco-fashion gowns, she’s given Stan Smiths (the shoes almost all the youngsters are wearing these days) a fresh new twist: They’ve gone vegan. Having long been an advocate for sustainable fashion, the vegan version of the Stan Smiths brings a much-needed twist to familiar brands and styles that people know and love. We’re loving what she’s doing!

She’s on a roll. 


2. London Fashion Week ditches animal fur

We’ve heard about the New York Fashion Week female rap-queen debacle, but the real tea was spilled at London Fashion Week. London Fashion Week made itself the first big fashion week to bid good-bye to animal fur; none of its participating designers will be using animal fur at fashion week from here on out. With a growing conscious consumer base, brands are starting to incorporate sustainability into their company philosophies too. This movement is a step towards a better future, and we are celebrating!

No one is green with envy here, just green. 


3. Google can help you calculate your carbon footprint

It’s no longer just getting you from place to place and finding you the nearest gas stations- Google Maps just got an upgrade. Google has just launched the Environmental Insights Explorer (EIE), which shows the energy consumption and corresponding emissions of buildings, homes and businesses. They can even estimate emissions from transportation and which roofs should be fitted with solar panels. Technology is getting so smart (sometimes too smart) but what if it can help us change our consumption?

Ok Google, how do we save the world? 


4. Surfers for a cleaner ocean

These surfers are here to change the perceptions of the public and inspire the next generation to care for the oceans they surf on. Their beaches are filled with trash, and in this loud tropical metropolis, these surfers hope to make their voices heard. Farewell, tainted beaches, these surfers are not just here to play – they’re here to clean and educate.


5. Rise for Climate, it’s time to take action.

With hurricanes hitting the coasts of the US and typhoons hitting Hong Kong, it’s time we address the effect of climate change, and how it’s exacerbating the impact of freak weather events. The Rise for Climate protests come just a week before an international climate change summit and calls for the transition to clean energy and greater urgency to move towards a greener future.

Follow the movement here.

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