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Green Is The New Black

The Conscious Scoop: Celebrities back Impossible, the earthworms, and our relationship with plastics

Reading Time: 2 minutes
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This week’s Conscious Scoop is all about seeing the connections. From earthworms and climate change, air pollution and health, to clean tap water and plastic water bottles. Oh, and Impossible Foods was just backed with US$300 million.


1. Celebrities like Serena Williams and Katy Perry are backing Impossible.

We all know Impossible by now. It didn’t just create a taste we thought was impossible, it also got US$300 million in investments from A-List celebrities like Katy Perry and Serena Williams. This is soon after Beyond Meat smashing IPO records recently. With all the support, Impossible has experienced a three-fold growth in Asia since March 2019 when it first arrived in Singapore. This is amazing in Impossible’s trajectory of eliminating meat products from the food ecosystem by 2035.

It is definitely exciting times when we think about the future of ‘meat’.


2. In a city with drinkable clean tap water, the demand for bottled water keeps rising.

Singapore is renowned for the clean water that flows out from its taps. Many organisations have certified the water’s safety, but why do people still grab water in plastic bottles from the supermarket or convenience stores? Convenience, how chilled the drink is and hygiene have all been cited as reasons for buying bottled water. However, we are paying the price – to a 180-million-dollar industry – which we do not have to. The growing affluence and marketing are also mentioned as contributing factors.

Find out what you and everyone else can do about it.


3. The climate and … earthworms? How does that work? 

Did you know that earthworms help break down food waste which allows us to have a cleaner environment? Yet, earthworms may hide a dark climate secret… The amazing decomposing abilities of earthworms have actually raised some concerns as they release carbon dioxide while chomping down organic matter. As the climate warms, it allows the earthworms to migrate northwards where permafrost used to be. Now, the Northern forests are facing an increasing population of them.

Although we are still unsure of the earthworms’ full effects, the warming climate is not helping.


4. Hong Kong is reducing plastics through a party and the turtles.

The weekend was a great one for Hong Kong’s plastic-free scene. Campaigns, like “Enough Plastic” organised by EcoDrive and New Youth Energy HK, have been raising awareness about plastic pollution, especially the beaches. On Saturday, we saw “Blue Crush” – a sustainable plastic-free beach party at Shek O – that promoted an environmentally sustainable Hong Kong through music, fashion, beauty, and art. The next day, there was a beach cleanup at one of the only turtle nesting sites at Sham Wam on Lamma Island.

Whether is it because of music and art or the care for turtles, plastic-free is always a good time.


5. Air pollution harms our health. Not just the lungs, but every organ in the body.

It sounds pretty obvious that air pollution – the smog, particulates and toxic gases – will damage our body. However, looking at the 70000+ epidemiology papers related to air pollution, people have started to realise just how pernicious air pollution really is. The harmful effects have even been compared to smoking numerous cigarettes. From your heart to your mind to your reproductive organs, The Guardian shows us just how extensive the effects really are in this new interactive piece.

It is time to quit air pollution.

Image credit: New York Times

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Keith is a locally-based environmentalist, currently studying in Yale-NUS and is the Chief Sustainability and Design Officer of MBF. He is passionate about sustainability issues and, as the content creator of Bizsu, he educates the public about them.