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Green Is The New Black

The Conscious Scoop: Banana Leaf Packaging, a Disappearing Dairy Industry and H&M’s Conscious Collection?

Reading Time: 2 minutes
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This week in the Conscious Scoop, we’re seeing supermarkets innovate with banana leaf packaging, reports of the dairy industry disappearing within 10 years, and H&M drops its 9th Conscious Exclusive line?


1. Thai and Vietnamese supermarkets innovate their packaging with banana leaves.

While big chain supermarkets are trialing plastic-free fruits and veggies, some Asian supermarket chains are taking the leap towards (literally) green packaging with banana leaves. The response from customers have been so positive, they’re thinking of extending the practice to fresh meats, too. Representatives from the chains said that the hope is that locals, through this packaging, will be more aware of the global plastic pollution crisis.

Not all heroes wear capes.


2. Experts predict the dairy industry could disappear within 10 years.

With increased lactose intolerance, growing consumer awareness of the cruelty of the dairy industry, and the rise of health problems related to dairy, the dairy industry is feeling the burn. Livestock sustainability consultant Dr. Judith Capper said that “If consumers don’t buy our products – milk, cream, butter, cheese etc. – we will not have a dairy industry in five to 10 years.” Meanwhile, the dairy-free milk market is growing, with sales expecting to exceed a whopping $34 billion by 2024.

This is something we won’t be missing.


3. H&M drops the 9th Conscious Exclusive line, featuring fruit and algae.

Global fast fashion giant H&M recently launched its 9th Conscious Exclusive line. The newest technology includes vegan leather made out of pineapple leaves by Piñatex, a silk alternative made from orange peels by Orange Fiber and shoe soles made from algae by BLOOM Foam. While some applaud H&M’s for its efforts towards sustainability and better materials sourcing, others have been critical, citing the multitude of other environmental and ethical problems associated with fast fashion.

What do you think?


4. Norway’s giant oil fund dives into renewables.

The world’s largest sovereign wealth fund is Norway’s $1 trillion oil fund. Following Saudi Arabia’s oil fund selling off its final oil and gas assets, Norway decided to divert billions of dollars into wind and solar power projects. Unsurprisingly, the rest of the world has already been seeing national funds investing in renewables, but such action on this scale is impressive. Analysts say the investments are likely to power faster growth of green energy.

If your money isn’t going to renewables, then what are you even doing?


5. Compostable wild grass straws! 

A young Vietnamese entrepreneur came up with straws made out of actual wild grass, and its been blowing up on social media. He sells them to restaurants, and they’re not only free of chemicals and preservatives, affordable, but also compostable and edible. Apparently, chewing them after meals can help clean your teeth and gums.

We get to have our grass and eat it too.


Image credit: Captain Planet

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Tammy (she/her) is an activist-in-progress and digital creator and communicator, based in sunny, tropical Singapore. Her mission is three-fold: (1) to make climate justice activism and theory more accessible; (2) to create digital and physical community and learning spaces towards a more just, regenerative, and loving world within our current one; (3) and to mobilise the best parts of social media in service of all this.