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The Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Delhi

Long gone are the days when vegan food was synonymous with tasteless boiled veggies or a glass of soy milk. Veganism is trendy and is very much part of mainstream culture now. From fast food to fine dining, the number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants around the world are increasing. Here is a list of the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Delhi.

Delhi has always been a haven for veggies, with an abundance of vegetarian restaurants. You can walk into any restaurant and it’s a pretty safe bet that they’ll have at least a couple of vegetarian options for you (that go beyond a sad side salad and fries). And although pure vegan restaurants aren’t as easy to come by, they are definitely increasing and there are some pretty great options now. Here are some of our favourite tried-and-tested vegetarian and vegan restaurants and cafes in Delhi. We promise that these restaurants and dishes will have even the staunchest carnivores begging for more. 

So, without further ado, here’s our guide to eating out (or ordering in) in Delhi for vegans and vegetarians.


vegetarian ice cream plant based
Image credit: Minus 30 | Image description: a close of up of a young boy enjoying a bowl of ice cream. 


For: Vegan ice cream

Location: Multiple locations across NCR, or you can order online here

Did someone say vegan ice cream? Minus30 has a whole range of ultra-yummy flavours. Order a pint for that midnight craving — we guarantee it’ll satisfy that sweet tooth of yours. Their dark chocolate peanut butter is an easy favourite. It’s so decadent that you’ll never believe it’s totally dairy-free. The dark chocolate almond milk and vegan coconut were big hits with us too. 


vegetarian dessert plant based green is the new black
Image credit: The Baking Table | Image description: a close of up chocolate and chocolate chip cookies 

The Baking Table

For: Baked goods 

Location: Delivery across NCR; Whatsapp +91 9810100010 to place an order

We love all the homemade baked goodies from The Baking Table, and they have the best vegan options too. Their vegan Dream Cookies are made with almonds, organic maple syrup, and dark chocolate chips, and go perfectly with a hot cup of coffee (INR 1950 for a box of 10). Their vegan banana bread is pretty incredible too, made with coconut palm sugar, homemade almond milk and organic cold-pressed coconut oil (INR 2100). Satisfy those sugar cravings, absolutely guilt-free! 


vegetarain cafe green is the new black smoothie
Image credit: Greenr | Image description: a close of up of a smoothie bowl with a background of brightly coloured tiles 


For: Salads, health bowls, pastas, burgers, desserts, smoothies

Location: Cafes in Vasant Vihar, Gurgaon, and GK ; or order online here

Hours: Monday – Sunday 12 PM – 9:30 PM 

Greenr is the OG amongst vegan restaurants in Delhi. Its all vegetarian menu has an impressive selection of homemade plant-based proteins. The Shroom Ball Spaghetti (INR 525) or the Manali Super Hemproot Burger (INR 395) leave little to be desired, even if you’re a non-veggie. We personally love the Mocha Mucho smoothie (INR 390), made with dark chocolate, cold brew coffee, and peanut butter. Order in or visit one of its super cute cafes, this one’s not to miss! Bonus: All of their containers are biodegradable.  


vegan restaurants coffee cafe veggie drink green is the new black
Image credit: Perch | Image description: a coffee in a cocktail glass with coffee beans in the background 


For: Coffee, desserts, salads, sandwiches, breakfast

Location: Vasant Vihar and Khan Market, Delhi

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 11 AM – 12:30 AM

One of the first coffee shops to serve quality coffee in Delhi, Perch holds a special place in our hearts. It’s a great place to take your laptops and spend a few hours working — sipping on several coffees of course. They always have a few different alt-milk options, including coconut, almond, and soy. We love their vegan granola bowls and the pumpkin hummus on toast (INR 350). It’s also a cute date night spot — a lovely wine list and plenty of yummy veggie options. 


vegetarian cafe green is the new black
Image credit: Cafe Turtle | Image description: a slice of cake with sauce dripped around it on a plate with a cup of coffee in the background 

Cafe Turtle 

For: Juices, light bites, cakes

Location: Nizamuddin East and Khan Market, Delhi

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 10 AM – 8 PM

We’re in love with this quaint little cafe located in the heart of Delhi. A booklovers oasis, the cafe is attached to Full Circle Bookstore, so you can sip your coffees and read to your heart’s delight here. The menu is not vegan, but everything is vegetarian. Their salads are fresh and nutritious and go well with the Lebanese platter (INR 425). And you can’t miss their homemade cakes: Apple cinnamon, date cake with toffee sauce, or banana walnut, all INR 275 (amongst others).


Veggie home delivery plant based green is the new black
Image credit: Makery | Image description: a plate of noodles with fresh herbs 


For: Meal delivery

Location: Delivery across NCR, place your order here

If you’re looking for a nourishing, nutritious meal but are too lazy to cook a meal from scratch (we’ve all been there) check out this meal delivery service. You can order a meal-in-a-bowl or one of their DIY meal kits. Almost everything on their menu is plant-based. The vegan khao suey meal kit (INR 475) is to die for. It’s super flavorful, hearty, and comes with a delicious assortment of toppings. We’re also fans of their Thai Papaya Salad (INR 295), Spicy Mapo Tofu (INR 375), and Gochujang Chilli Udon Noodles (INR 345) — a perfect meal for two for that cosy night in. 


veggie vegetarian plant based cafe
Image credit: Akus Burger | Image description: a veggie burger with veggies spilling out 

Aku’s Burger

For: Burgers

Location: Shop No 35, Main Market, Block A, Defence Colony, New Delhi, or you can order online here

Hours: Monday – Sunday 11 AM – 11 PM

If you’re craving a wholesome burger, look no further. Aku’s burgers will hit the spot. The Truffle Shroom Burger (INR 430) is to die for. We love that they have DIY burger kits as well. So you can order delivery without worrying about a soggy bun! Aku’s has gluten-free buns too, and if you want a vegan version of anything on their menu, just give them a call and they’ll guide you. 

Better Burger

For: Burgers

Location: D 34, 1st Floor, Defence Colony, New Delhi

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 11 AM – 11 PM

Better Burger’s is another burger joint that has really yummy vegan options. Almost everything on their all-veggie menu can be made vegan (or gluten-free) upon request. Choose from amongst the Mushroom and Quinoa, Chickpea and Tofu, or Black Bean Burgers (all INR 350). And don’t forget that order of fries on the side.


veggie vegetarian cafe plant based momos
Image credit: Fabcafe | Image description: two plates of vegan dumplings with dipping sauce 

Fab Cafe

For: Indie street food, sandwiches, salads, dessert

Location: Multiple locations across NCR, or order online here

Hours: Monday – Sunday 7 AM – 10 PM

If you’re looking for vegan restaurants, Fab Cafe is another safe bet. Definitely visit the iconic lakeside location at Sundar Nursery for some idyllic vibes. The cafe has a plant-based alternative to pretty much everything on the menu. We love the Vegan Spinach, Spring Onion & Water chestnut Momos (INR 400) wrapped in gluten-free jackfruit flour. They also have some yummy plant-based dessert options. Don’t miss the Vegan Coconut & Caramel Icecream (INR 350), and the Vegan Almond Crunch & Espresso Cake (INR 375).


veggie burmese green is the new black
Image credit: Burma Burma | Image description: a plate of fresh salad 

Burma Burma

For: Burmese

Location: Select CityWalk Mall, Saket, District Centre, S-25, Second Floor, A 3, New Delhi

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 12 – 3:30 PM, 6 – 10 PM, Saturday – Sunday ; 12 – 10 PM 

If you’re sick of the boring salad sandwich health bowl combo, check out Burma Burma. This all-veg Burmese restaurant will definitely leave you craving more. Tangy, spicy, and bursting with flavour, each bite packs a punch at this spot. Staff picks: Mandalay Laphet Thoke (tea leaf salad) and Tayat Thi Thoke (raw mango salad). And yes, we know that’s a lot of salad, but it’s really that good. 


vegan restaurants veggie food delhi green is the new black
Image credit: Olive | Image description: multiple vegetaian dishes on a table including pizza, vegetables, mains and drinks 

Olive Qutub

For: Mezze, pizza, pasta, cocktails

Location: One Style Mile, Haveli no. 6-8, Kalkadass Marg, Mehrauli, Ward No 8, Badiwala Kua, Mehrauli, Delhi 110030

Hours: Monday – Sunday 11 AM – 11 PM

If you’ve been to Delhi, we’re sure you’ve been to Olive. A white pebbled courtyard surrounding a magnificent banyan tree, this alfresco Mediterranean/Italian restaurant is the perfect spot for brunch in the warm winter sun. It’s not always easy to come by a good vegan pizza, but Olive has nailed it. You can also request eggless pasta or vegan cheese in anything on the menu. Pro tip: Dedicate your Sunday when you go here, and keep those mimosas flowing. 


Vegan restaurants vegetarian green is the new black
Image credit: Getafix | Image description: a plate of curry and rice 


For: Breakfast, soups, salads, sandwiches, pizza, burgers, pasta

Location: Cafes in GK, Gurgaon, and Noida, or order online here

Hours: Monday – Sunday 10 AM – 10 PM

An easy, wholesome, and affordable meal — especially if you’re looking for something quick. The breakfast menu has some delicious vegan options, including the buckwheat pancakes made with soy milk (INR 295), or poha, rice flakes cooked Indian style (INR 195). The cafe also boasts an extensive smoothie list, all of which can be made vegan (you just have to ask for almond milk).


vegan restaurants veggie food delhi pizza
Image credit: Roadhouse Cafe | Image descrition: a vegetarian pizza on a plate 

Roadhouse Cafe

For: Pizza, pasta, milkshakes

Location: 22 M Block Main Market Second Floor, GK I, New Delhi 110048

Hours: Monday – Friday 12 PM – 9:30 PM

In the mood for a classic cheese pizza, but can’t find any halfway decent vegan options? Check out Roadhouse Cafe. They recently launched a vegan (and gluten-free) menu, featuring artisanal pizza (INR 545), lasagna (INR 545), and ratatouille (INR 490). They even have vegan milkshakes, made with soy milk. 


vegan restaurants veggie sushi dumplings green is the new black
Image credit: Yum Yum Cha | Image description: deep fried yum cha with dipping sauce 

Yum Yum Cha

For: Sushi, Thai, Chinese

Location: Khan Market, Saket, Vasant Kunj, Gurgaon, or order online here

Hours: Monday – Sunday 11 AM – 9:30 PM

If you’re looking for vegetarian or vegan restaurants, Thai and Chinese are usually a pretty safe bet in Delhi. The protein is easily substitutable for tofu, and since many dishes are coconut milk-based, dairy is not an issue. Yum Yum Cha is an oldie but a goldie. While they have several locations across NCR, this one is a takeout favourite for our team. Binge on their Enoki truffle sushi roll, mapo tofu with spicy chilli bean, and veggie Thai green curry. Don’t forget to ask them to hold the mayo, which is not eggless. 


Featured image: Patrick Beznoska via Unsplash | Image description: Man frying dough in a large steel wok