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The TALKS at

The Conscious Festival

12-14 June

The TALKS are going VIRTUAL for the first time ever!

The Conscious Festival is a three-day immersive virtual event that will help guide you on a journey towards embracing a more sustainable lifestyle by reconnecting with yourself, others, and the planet.

Explore our VILLAGE featuring over 70 mindful brands. Hear from business leaders and change-makers during our thought-provoking TALKS. And raise your consciousness by participating in our experiential WORKSHOPS.

This experience will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to help #CreateTheChange . Together we can create systemic change to fix the most social, political and existential crisis of our time.

In case you wondered, we’re not climate extremists. We’re just a friendly little tribe who give a sh*t, and we’re doing something about it through our Conscious Festivals. Come and join us; invite your friends, your kids, your dogs, heck, invite Doris next door for all we care (you can ditch her in the networking zone if she starts playing up).

Because we’re all going to die [insert evil comedy laugh here]. Kidding. Actually, half kidding. The future of humanity and all biodiversity is kind of a big deal, and we’re running out of time to fix our planet for future generations. But what with everything else going on (like Coronavirus, Brexit, and well, life), it’s easy to forget that we’ve got this little thing called a climate crisis to deal with. Because in case you fell asleep at the start of 2020; Down Under’s gone up in smoke and half the UK needs a replica of Noah’s bloody ark to stay afloat. And that’s where we come in (though technically we can’t build arks, we’re not very good with power tools).

If you’re the kind of person who inhales sharply when you see bananas wrapped in plastic, is racked with guilt over that flight you just booked to Ibiza, or fights a daily internal battle to contain the stern words you’d love to unleash on Roger in accounts because he keeps bringing bottled water to the office (get a reusable cup FFS!), then congratulations; you’ve found your tribe. And The Conscious Festival is the event for you.

Bring positive vibes, an open mind, and whatever reusable paraphernalia you need to get through the day. This is a space for real chat, community, growth, and an opportunity to elevate your consciousness (without shrooms).

Join us at the Virtual Conscious Festival. Together we can #CreateTheChange.
P.S If anyone does know Roger in accounts invite him to join so we can have a word.
P.P.S Stay tuned to find out more about our 12-month #littlegreenstep challenge and how you can get involved. Pssssst… it involves the Paris 2021 Conscious Festival!

Explore the sessions



[FRIDAY 12 JUNE, 9:00 AM – 2:25 PM]

We’re dedicated to understanding the business of sustainability and want to share why purpose-led models work. We’ll explore capitalism vs the climate, the plant-based revolution and why we should stay optimistic about the future.


Mayur Singh


Co-Founder & CEO

Mayur is passionate about sustainable development and works on building startups focused on achieving these goals. With over 14 years of experience across investments, corporate strategy, turnaround management and business development, Mayur is the cofounder & CEO of mattrvest, in charge of business operations and product management.

PANEL: What has money got to do with sustainability?

Zoe Knight


Managing Director and Group Head
of the HSBC Centre of Sustainable Finance

In 2018 Zoë set up the Centre of Sustainable finance, which provides thought leadership about transforming the real economy and strengthening the financial system response to climate change. She has co-authored reports on low-carbon opportunities in bond and equity markets, long-term carbon and water risks, and authored the ‘Keeping it Cool’ Series of investor briefings on climate policy, economics and investment ideas.

PANEL: What has money got to do with sustainability?

Bas Fransen


CEO and Founder

Bas is passionate about addressing the climate crisis with technology and innovative business models. He has a proven track record in product and portfolio development, global partnerships, marketing, sales, and growth strategies for Fortune 500 companies (Philips, IBM, ASML) and start-ups.

PANEL: The true cost of IT.


Employee Enablement Lead
Microsoft APAC

With a degree in Computer Science (Distinction with Honours) and Business Administration (INSEAD), Shaili is in charge of enablement of the sales and marketing teams at Microsoft across APAC by bringing the best-in-class programs on digital transformation, coaching, product knowledge and sales methodologies.

PANEL: The true cost of IT.

Tessa Clarke



After a 15 year corporate career, Tessa Co-Founded OLIO, the world’s only neighbour-to-neighbour food sharing app, which is solving the problem of household food waste at scale. She is passionate about the sharing economy as a solution for a sustainable world, and about ‘profit with purpose’ as the next business paradigm.

TALK: Reducing food waste while building an authentic community.

Sann Carrière


So Now

Sann founded So Now in 2009 with a clear mission to help public and private organizations adopt a sustainable economic model. So Now offers Circular Economy Business Design, first in the Netherlands and now also in ASEAN and Japan, to service the increasing demand for ‘circularity’ and a responsible way of producing and consuming.

TALK: The doughnut economy model.

Ingmar Rentzhog


Eco-warrior, CEO and founder
We Don’t Have Time

Ingmar is a serial entrepreneur, an environmental influencer, a game changer and a member of Al Gore Climate Reality, European Climate Policy Task Force.
We Don’t Have Time is the world’s largest social network for climate action.

KEYNOTE: We Dont Have Time.

Arizona Muse


Fashion model, Sustainability advocate

Arizona is a fashion model and has become a passionate advocate for sustainability and environmental regeneration and one of the leading voices on the topic from the fashion industry. She contributes to The Sustainable Angle, Fashion Revolution, Extinction Rebellion and is also an ambassador for Greenpeace and Women For Women.

PANEL: Green New Deal – for countries and regions.

Marianne Haahr


Green Digital Finance Alliance

The Green Digital Finance Alliance harnesses fintech to unlock financing for the SDGs and the Paris Agreement. It was founded as a public-private partnership UNEP and Ant Financial Services Group and is a partner to the UN SG’s Task Force for Digital Financing of the SDGs.
Marianne worked for the Danish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Sustainia leading – a tech and sustainable think tank.

PANEL: What has money got to do with sustainability?

Lee Williamson


Editor & Director
Generation T, Tatler Asia Lists

Lee is the editor of Generation T, Tatler Asia’s content and events platform for the Leaders of Tomorrow. He was selected as a WAN-IFRA Young Media Leaders Fellow 2020.

PANEL: Innovative ways to reduce footprints and offset.

Josie Stoker



Josie is passionate about empowering people to transform from climate worriers into climate warriors. She’s excited about the role technology can play in supporting everyday people in their ambitions to take climate action. She spent the last 7 years in Asia, where she worked alongside Indigenous communities to bring their knowledge to corporate leadership teams.

PANEL: Innovative ways to reduce footprints and offset.

Jakob Thomae


Managing Director
2° Investing Initiative

Jakob co-founded the 2° Investing network in New York and Berlin. He manages the think tank’s research on climate scenario analysis and stress-tests for financial institutions and companies, as well as its supervisory and governmental partnerships.
The tools are used by 1/3 of the largest 75 banks, and the Japanese, European, and California financial supervisors.

PANEL: What has money got to do with sustainability?

Ruth Andrade


Regenerative Impact, Earth Care & Giving
LUSH UK & Europe

Ruth works on three aims: lead brand strategy on regenerative impact, support organisational development based on living systems and help evolve our charitable giving strategies.
She is a Trustee and co-founder of Re.Alliance, a collective of practitioners bringing regenerative design to the humanitarian sector, a co-creator of Regenerosity, an initiative for finding, funding and learning from the planet’s most regenerative projects.

KEYNOTE: Leaving the World Lusher than we found it.

Esther An


Chief Sustainability Officer
City Developments Limited (CDL)

An active advocate for sustainability for over two decades, Esther has been instrumental
in establishing CDL’s leadership in integrating ESG best practices into its business.
Also an advocate for women empowerment, Esther founded the Women4Green Network to engage women to drive sustainable practices at home, at work and at play.

PANEL: Smart cities – 70% of emissions come from cities, what do we do about it?

Douglas Woodring


Founder, Managing Director
Ocean Recovery Alliance

Doug is a UN Climate Hero and Google Earth Hero, and Ocean Recovery Alliance is one of the few NGOs to have worked with both UNEP and the World Bank on plastic pollution issues.
He founded the Plasticity Forum which focuses on plastic innovation and solutions for circularity. In 2019 he was named as one of the top 50 “watermen” in the world.

PANEL: Innovative ways to reduce footprints and offset.

Markus Gnirck


Head of Asia

Markus is an entrepreneur by heart who started and invested in various technology ventures in Europe and Asia. Now, he pushes new business models and products that are good for people and good for the planet, where a holistic and long term approach creates better outcomes for all stakeholders. At Oceanworks he leads the expansion of the ocean plastic marketplace from the US to Asia.

PANEL: Innovative ways to reduce footprints and offset.

Malin Pettersson-Beckeman


Head of Sustainability Communications and Engagement
Inter IKEA Group

Malin leads engagement with communities in all parts of society to listen, learn and share experiences from IKEA’s work to become climate positive and circular by 2030, while inspiring 1 billion people to live a better everyday life within the limits of the planet;

TALK: Making sustainability affordable.

Brune Poirson


Secretary of State
Minister of Ecological and Solidarity Transition

Brune Poirson has worked in the public (AFD), private (Veolia), and voluntary (Nesta) sectors in the UK and India, and has been a Researcher on social innovation and corporate social responsibility in Boston before she started her political career in France. First elected a member of Vaucluse’s 3rd constituency, she was appointed Secretary of State attached to the Minister of State, and Minister of Ecological and Solidary Transition in 2017.

PANEL: Green New Deal – for countries and regions.

Kay Vasey


Chief Connecting Officer and Founder
The MeshMinds Foundation

Kay leads on all partnerships focused on bringing together art and technology for good to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. She is proud that the content creation, distribution and consultancy services of MeshMinds help to fund the artist incubation and research activities of The MeshMinds Foundation, which focuses on enabling Singapore artists to tackle global challenges from an Asian perspective.

PANEL: The true cost of IT.

Anjuli Pandit


Primary Sustainability Manager
BNP Paribas

Anjuli is working on cutting edge ways to integrate sustainability into the finance industry. By engaging corporate and investors to move more capital towards businesses with strong sustainability performance in all the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, she supports investments in companies who perform well on gender diversity, or helping a corporate issue a green bond to better manage their carbon footprint.

TALK: Does the Paris Agreement in 2020 still exist?

Ellie Tang


Nature Discovery Park

Ellie created Nature Discovery Park to bring nature to the urban centre of Hong Kong and demonstrate accessible ways to “Reconnect With What Matters”. The Park is the first urban biodiversity museum and sustainability themed park which provides guided eco-tours, urban farming experience, sustainable lifestyle workshops, and a multipurpose event space for private bookings and brand collaborations.

PANEL: Smart cities – 70% of emissions come from cities, what do we do about it?

Faisal Ramay


Head of Technology Transformation
Palo IT

Faisal is an experienced development lead with a strong passion for Artificial Intelligence, Data Intelligence, DevOps, Cloud, Serverless architecture, and Blockchain technologies. With more than a decade of experience delivering multiple complex products for his clients, his expertise ranges from project and product management to development in Javascript, Java, and Perl.

PANEL: The true cost of IT.

Dr Leyla Acaroglu


Professional Sustainability Provocateur

Sustainability provocateur and cultural protagonist, Dr. Leyla Acaroglu challenges people to think differently about how the world works. As an award winning designer, UNEP Champion of the Earth, sociologist, and entrepreneur, she developed the Disruptive Design Method and designs cerebrally activating experiences, gamified toolkits, and unique educational experiences that help people make the status quo obsolete.

Kerstin Meerwaldt


Head of Urban Intelligence & City Demand Management, Corporate Strategy
BMW Group

Kerstin joined the BMW Group in 2011 and was responsible for the Electric Mobility Framework Strategy and the respective cooperation network, focusing on Charging Infrastructure, Renewable Energy, and Battery Technology. She now explores the needs of urban masses as well as the cause-effect relationships between urban developments, regulatory frameworks and mobility behavior.

PANEL: Smart cities – 70% of emissions come from cities, what do we do about it?



[SATURDAY 13 JUNE, 9:00 AM – 11:55 AM]

Building resilience has never been more important in a time of mounting anxiety, mass destruction, fires, floods and pandemics. We’ll help you navigate through these challenges to emerge stronger, inspired, and ready to take positive action, no matter how small the steps.


Carl Pratt


Founder & Creative Director

FuturePlanet is a community of action that joins together intrapreneurs, innovators, investors and influencers, in order to build a global super network and rapidly scale up positive impact and sustainable innovation, and act on systems change. Carl’s passion is to inspire, energise and empower people to positive change, in their personal, professional and purposeful lives.

WORKSHOP/TALK: Connect in to impact the out.

Nikki Michelsen


Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Nikki Michelsen is the co-founder and co-CEO of ohne, the community-first brand reshaping the way women experience their menstrual cycles. With a range of organic period products, including the UK’s first pro-period CBD oil, ohne provides people with the tools, data, and support they need to manage their entire cycles.

PANEL: Trends in wellbeing / toxic beauty.

Gregoria Avanzini & Andrea Ochoa


Breath of One

Andrea and Gregorio fell in love and combined their gifts to support people in remembering their power, in order to create a masterpiece of life. Gregorio is the founder of the Breath of One, a Fulbright scholar, spiritual activator, and transformational coach who shared his message on stages to more than 6,000 people. Andrea is a holistic artist and wellness coach, who left 10-years of corporate to support people in embracing their unique superpowers to live an authentic extraordinary life.

KEYNOTE: Love, Sex & Relationships: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times.

Mendel Kaelen


Founder and CEO

Mendel’s PhD research demonstrated music’s central role in psychedelic therapies. He developed methods for the use of music to enhance therapy outcomes and ultimately the vision for Wavepaths. He is a thought leader on the therapeutic use of music and publishes and speaks frequently on this topic. He has been featured in Nature News, San Francisco Chronicles, Vice Motherboard, Rolling Stone and TEDx. 

TALK: Experience as Medicine: psychedelics, music and the future of care.

Jené Roestorf


Founder & Global Ingredient Hunter
LUXE Botanics

Jené is a biological scientist, global ingredient hunter and the Founder of LUXE Botanics, an eco-luxury range of natural and ethical skincare. Socially and environmentally conscious, LUXE Botanics’ ingredients are organically sourced and wild harvested through fair trade alliances. LUXE directly uplifts impoverished communities, giving back in a meaningful way to communities in Africa and Brazil.

PANEL: Trends in wellbeing / toxic beauty.

Keshia Hannam


Co-Founder and Performance Speaker
Camel Assembly

Keshia is a former journalist and now performance-speaker. The co-founder of women’s movement Camel Assembly, a global collective of activists and artists, and a storyteller. She contributes regularly to National Geographic, Fortune, Forbes, & CNN amongst others, and delivers performance-based keynotes to universities, conferences and art-based events all over the country and world.

KEYNOTE: Stop Micro Managing the Universe.

Tash Menon


Director/ Founder

After recognising the impact the freelance economy on the way we work around the globe, Tash launched MASH as a more effective way to support businesses with their brand and creative strategies. She has consulted on strategic brand, creative, partnership and event projects for luxury hotels, world renowned restaurants and high-end events across Australia, London, Asia.

TALK: Mental wellbeing.

Adah Parris


Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Cultural Innovator
The House of Griots

Adah is a polymath and enthusiastic curator of people, patterns and stories. She merges logic and creativity to design immersive storytelling, learning and development environments. She has more than 20 years’ experience in advertising, education, entertainment, entrepreneurship, marketing, media and technology start-ups.
In 2019, Adah was recognised as one of TED Talks Global Emerging Innovators.

TALK: The Coronavirus and being human.

Libby Davy


Coach & Mentor
Human Bells

Libby is an international coach who specialises in working with compassionate people. Her 30-year, award-winning practice has evolved through social enterprise, consulting, Buddhism, education, governance and activism. She supports private individuals and leaders to make their world a better place and co-founded The Re-Generation and Climate Emergency Coaches. Libby’s motto: “We’re all going to die and everything’s connected. So let’s heal, serve and fully enjoy life!”

TALK: Learn how radical self-care transforms crisis.

Phyllis Ellis


Director, Writer, Producer
Toxic Beauty

Phyllis is an independent filmmaker who addresses themes of justice, truth, transformation, and human rights. Her films Toxic Beauty and About Her were acclaimed. She is currently in post-production on the feature documentary Born to Run and her follow up film to Toxic Beauty, Beautiful.
An Olympian, Phyllis is dedicated to telling stories empowering women’s voices around the world.

PANEL: Trends in wellbeing / toxic beauty.



[SATURDAY 13 JUNE, 12:00 PM – 2:55 PM]

We’re dedicated to understanding the business of sustainability and want to share why purpose-led models work. We’ll explore capitalism vs the climate, the plant-based revolution and why we should stay optimistic about the future.


Andrew Simms


Author, political economist and campaigner
NewWeather Institute,
Rapid Transition Alliance,
Scientists for Global Responsibility

Andrew co-authored and published the original Green New Deal in 2008. He devised ‘Earth Overshoot Day,’ marking when in the year we start living beyond our ecological means, and coined the term ‘Clone Towns’ describing the homogenisation of high streets caused by chain stores. He wrote Economics: A Crash Course, the first beginners guide to the subject written from a plural, new economics’ perspective.

PANEL: Capitalism vs the Climate.

Aja Barber


Writer, stylist and consultant

Aja is a writer, stylist and consultant. Her work centers around fashion, sustainability, ethics, feminism and race. She microblogs daily on Instagram from Monday to Friday about intersectionality and why it has a clear place in the fashion industry’s sustainable future.

PANEL: Media / comms / sustainability.

Barney Swan


Climate Force

Barney traversed 1.000 km over 65 days to the South Pole, surviving using NASA designed solar ice melters, lithium batteries, and biofuel made from waste. The carbon positive journey marked the launch of the ClimateForce challenge, a target driven mission to ‘clean-up’ 360 million tons of CO2 before the year 2025. He leads this non profit through corporate and educational engagement around the world, bringing adventure and passion into the UN SDGs.

TALK: Polar Explorer takes on Carbon.

Asad Rehman


Executive Director
War on Want

Asad is a leading climate justice activist whose work has helped to reframe the climate crisis as a crisis of neoliberal capitalism, inequality and racism. He founded the Stop the War Coalition and the Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice. War on Want is a radical anti-poverty and social justice charity, fighting the root causes of poverty, inequality, human rights violations.

PANEL: Capitalism vs the Climate.

Jerome Pagnier


WiseFins Hospitality

Jerome spent 18 years in the hotel industry on 3 continents, including 5 years as Director of F&B at Grand Hyatt Singapore where he pioneered the adoption of sustainable practices, conscious capitalism and plant based alternative proteins.
He founded WiseFins to revolutionise the world of hospitality by converting it into a clean and compassionate industry by 2050.

TALK: Future of Food / The Plant Based Revolution.

Benjamin Tay


Executive Director
PM Haze (People’s Movement to stop Haze)

PM Haze advocates for sustainable palm oil adoption. Benjamin works with the Indonesian and Malaysian communities to develop and implement ecological restoration of degraded peatlands and sustainable development of community livelihoods. He aspires to develop research on the socio-cultural and historical perspectives of social justice and climate-related advocacy in the Southeast Asian region.

PANEL: Is there such a thing as conscious tourism?

Chad Frischmann


Vice President and Research Director
Project Drawdown

In collaboration with a global team of researchers, Chad designed integrated global models to assess the world’s most effective climate solutions and determine if, when, and how the world can reach “drawdown,” the point in time when the concentration of atmospheric greenhouse gases begins to decline on a year-to-year basis.
Chad works as a systems strategist to build a new, regenerative future with cascading benefits to the environment and to human well-being.

KEYNOTE: From Drawdown to Regeneration: Creating the Future We Want Today.

Adam Broadbent


CEO & Co-founder

Adam is the co-founder of ZuBlu, a travel platform helping scuba divers and marine enthusiasts discover and book their next underwater adventure in Asia. With its unique search tool, over 300 eco-friendly resorts and liveaboards to choose from, and a commitment to conserving the marine environment, ZuBlu helps you explore the blue and dive green.

PANEL: Is there such a thing as conscious tourism?

Francisca Kellett


Mundi & Co

Francisca is the former Travel Editor of TATLER magazine and the co-founder of Mundi & Co, a content agency and consultancy for luxury travel brands. She is particularly passionate about sustainability, and contributes regularly to the travel pages of The Daily Telegraph, the FT and a number of glossy international magazines, as well as writing the philanthropy column for LUXX magazine at The Times.

PANEL: Is there such a thing as conscious tourism?

Sophie Sandham


Global Community Manager
Unreasonable Group

Sophie supports Unreasonable’s entrepreneurs to scale their solutions to some of the world’s biggest social and environmental problems, by connecting them together and with high-class mentors and investors from across the world, and facilitating a wide range of highly curated and unique events and gatherings. She has also dedicated much of her spare time to voluntary campaigns and peaceful activism on the topic of climate change.

PANEL: Capitalism vs the Climate.


Senior Sustainability Manager
Sino Group

Melanie pursued environmental studies in the UK before running Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes and Sustainability Projects. In her current role, she focuses on creating a better lifescape by delivering products and services in a way that respects six main areas: Green, Wellness, Design, Innovation, Heritage and Culture, and Community.

PANEL: Is there such a thing as conscious tourism?

Robbie Lockie


Director & co-founder
Plant Based News LTD

Environmentalist and vegan advocate, Robbie co-founded Plant Based News, an award-winning resource creating awareness about ethical consumerism, sustainability and the plant-based lifestyle, providing information that empowers people to make better choices. He used to be a digital campaigner and worked on Move your Money, a grassroots initiative for ethical banking and A Day Without News, among other social projects.

PANEL: The new narrative.

Geoff Lye


Non Executive Director
Volans Ventures

Geoff is the lead author of The Changing Landscape of Liability, a report that assesses how new forms of social, environmental and economic liability demand a new approach to strategic risk management. His latest research explores how corporate economic responsibility is set to shift whole sectors of industry to new business models requiring companies to develop and deliver active responses to the major challenges of the 21st century – from climate change to the UN’s Millennium Development Goals.


[SUNDAY 14 JUNE, 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM]

Ever wondered what the future of climate activism might look like? Or how tech or nature-based solutions work? How to tackle intersectionality? Here’s your chance to deep-dive into some of these challenging debates, and learn about the impact of slowing down.


Rory Spowers


Creative Director
Tyringham Initiative

Rory Spowers is specialised in systems change and consciousness issues. He is a writer and the Creative Director of the Tyringham Initiative, a world-class think-tank for new paradigm projects and consciousness studies. He launched The Re-Generation in 2019, a new educational media and events platform, highlighting people and projects working for systemic change and regenerative culture.

PANEL: Sustainability is overrated, let’s talk about regeneration.

Tolmeia Gregory


Environmental activist

Tolmeia Gregory is an environmental activist, using her platform for good for over seven years ever since she learned about the destructive side of the fashion industry. She inspires her audience to think differently about the impact of fashion on people and the planet. Tolly created a collection of environmental GIF stickers – over 7 billion views on social media.  She also coordinates and works within the Extinction Rebellion movement.

PANEL: Do we need a rebellion?

Skeena Rathor


Extinction Rebellion

Skeena is a Co-Leader of Extinction Rebellion, a mother of three young girls, a community politician and heart brain and body development teacher. Her present focus is on Leading a Power, Leadership and Co-Liberation Project.

PANEL: Do we need a rebellion?

Zion Lights


Editor in Chief
The Hourglass

Zion Lights is a science communicator, TEDx speaker and author of The Ultimate Guide to Green Parenting. She is a spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion UK and Editor in Chief of the newspaper The Hourglass.

PANEL: Should we rely on technolology to solve environmental issues?

Alexie Sommer


Design & Communications Director
Think Sketch Design

Alexie is a communication design director creating bespoke and sustainable solutions that empower. She works on the intersection between design creativity, business sustainability and relevant communication.
She is a mum, an amateur nutritionist, growing a veg garden, apero-déssinatoire host and describes herself as a design intuitive.

PANEL: Media / comms / sustainability.

Claire Kneller


Head of Food

Claire is a recognised expert in food loss and waste around the world. She leads all of WRAP’s work on sustainable food systems outside the UK, working with countries, businesses and international development organisations. She helps develop national policy, encourages the measurement of food loss and waste and the development and implementation of activities to prevent it.

PANEL: Should we rely on technolology to solve environmental issues?

Christabel Reed


Founder & Director

Christabel co-founded the educational initiative EcoResolution and the systems change platform Advaya. She is on a mission to link inner transformation with social change and empower people co-create a world that thrives. Her work as an activist, organiser and Yoga Therapist is sustained by a passion for justice, healing and the fascination for how we can establish harmony where disharmony has occurred.

PANEL: Sustainability is overrated, let’s talk about regeneration.

Nora Gherbi


Chief Representative France
London & Partners

Nora started her career as a senior trade attaché for the Embassy of France in Canada covering the Energy and the Environment sectors. She had worked for the French Government for the past 14 years before joining London and Partners. She created Who CAREs!? Chronicles, an initiative aiming to enhance empathy in the corporate world and an advocacy for the establishment of a new corporate role – The Chief Care Officer.

PANEL: Sustainability is overrated, let’s talk about regeneration.

Assaad Razzouk


Chairman and CEO
Sindicatum Renewable Energy

Assaad is the host of The Angry Clean Energy Guy podcast, Chairman and CEO of Sindicatum Renewable Energy, a clean energy company headquartered in Singapore financing, building and operating renewable energy projects in South Asia; CEO of the Reneum Institute, a Singapore not-for-profit digitizing and democratizing renewable energy. With his hands-on experience in clean energy combined with his other roles, Assaad is a high-profile thought leader on climate change, clean energy and the UN climate talks.

PANEL: Should we rely on technolology to solve environmental issues?

Dr. Glen Reynolds


Scientist & Director
SEARRP: The Rainforest Research Partnership

Dr Glen Reynolds is a career environmental scientist with a strong interest in tropical rainforests. His objective is to facilitate exceptional research that delivers transformational conservation and sustainability impacts, building institutional and political support and delivering scientific excellence, advice and impacts across multiple disciplines. He closely collaborates with scientific institutions, corporate and conservation sectors, government and non-governmental organisations.

PANEL: Sustainability is overrated, let’s talk about regeneration.

Hollie Booth


Conservation Scientist
PhD Student at Oxford
Conservation Hierarchy

Hollie has spent a decade working on cross-cutting conservation issues in challenging contexts in Asia and Africa, and has developed a good understanding of high-level environmental policy and international processes. Her research interests include synergies and trade-offs between biodiversity conservation and human wellbeing, social research methods for designing effective conservation interventions, and evaluating the impacts of conservation interventions.

PANEL: Sustainability is overrated, let’s talk about regeneration.

Frank Meehan



Serial entrepreneur – SparkLabs Global Ventures, a startup accelerator; SmartUp.io, a micro-learning knowledge platform for smartphone users; INQ Mobile – Frank recently co-founded Equilibrium.world in Singapore and Taipei, with a mission to support businesses using data to manage sustainability targets, helping them grow and be highly investable in balance with the planet.

PANEL: Should we rely on technolology to solve environmental issues?


[SUNDAY 14 JUNE, 11:40 PM – 2:55 PM]

Dressing with purpose, the up-cycling economy, and circular fashion are gaining popularity in an industry that predominantly celebrates a fast-moving pace. We’ll be getting to the bottom of whether fast-fashion is all bad and whether there is room for collaboration that will lead to positive change within the industry.


Laura Francois


The Spaceship

Laura is an experienced social impact strategist and storyteller. She has worked at the intersection of sustainable development and creative economies across Asia with work including co-designing circular economy models in the garment industry, developing employment programs for refugees, and design programs for rural artisans.

PANEL: Is Fast Fashion Bad?

Amanda Johnston


Curator and consultant
The Sustainable Angle

Amanda has curated the sustainable textiles collection and Future Fabrics Expo since its inception. She worked in design consultancy and education and has co-authored two books: Fabric For Fashion, and Fabric For Fashion The Swatch Book. She teaches at the London College of Fashion and runs sustainable materials workshops internationally at industry events and in educational forums.

PANEL: Planet-Centric Design.

Christina Dean


Founder and Board Chair, CEO
The R Collective

Christina is a sustainable fashion advocate who founded Redress in 2007, an environmental charity with a mission to prevent and transform textile waste in the fashion industry. Ten years later, she launched The R Collective upcycled fashion brand, which creates upcycled womenswear using waste materials rescued from other luxury brands, mills and manufacturers.

PANEL: Is Fast Fashion Bad?

Brittany Burns


Director of Strategy and Development
Fashion For Good

Brittany is responsible for global expansion, scaling operations, and developing partnerships for Fashion For Good, a platform for sustainable fashion innovation working to bring together the entire ecosystem to make fashion a force for good.
Prior to that, she worked for an artificial intelligence startup and served for the Obama Administration, driving sustainable design initiatives and digital services.

PANEL: Planet-Centric Design.

Stefano Funari


I was a Sari

Stefano, entrepreneur and change-maker, moved to Mumbai to prove that the triple bottom line can be the de-facto way of running a business. He set up 2nd Innings as a social business and a platform for sustainable fashion brands that share social and environmental values. I was a Sari – a contemporary lifestyle brand that upcycles saris and other materials – won the Eco-Age’s Green Carpet Awards in Milan and the Mumbai Fashion Week’s Circular Design Challenge in 2019.

PANEL: When social enterprises flirt with luxury.

Tamsin Lejeune


Ethical Fashion Forum (EFF)

The Ethical Fashion Forum is the global industry body for sustainable fashion. Tamsin also runs the Ethical Fashion Group and Common Objective, a platform that helps fashion professionals to do business better. For 15 years, Tamsin has been building a global movement in the fashion industry, spanning 150 countries. In 2015, she was named by LinkedIn as the most engaged woman in UK Fashion and Retail.

PANEL: The Future of Fashion.

Christine Goulay


Head of Sustainable Innovation

Christine has worked on Kering’s sustainable sourcing strategy and now focuses on identifying and supporting innovations that can fast track a transition to a sustainable and circular apparel industry. She has startup experience managing the socially conscious apparel brand, Edun Live (founded by Ali Hewson and Bono) and also practiced corporate law in the venture capital and private equity sectors.

PANEL: The Future of Fashion.

Alexander Chan


The Mills Fabrica

With The Mills Fabrica, Alexander focuses on early-stage investments, incubation support and government/ policy related affairs. He used to work in consulting and private equity, VC strategy and social impact investments.
Alexander is also an occasional contributor to SCMP, HKFP and Stand News in Hong Kong where he writes on issues related to innovation/ entrepreneurship, social mobility and public policy.

PANEL: The Future of Fashion.

Geraldine Wharry


Founder and Managing Director
Trend Atelier

Geraldine Wharry is a Fashion Futurist, Public Speaker, Educator and Designer with
20 years of experience working across the Fashion Industry. She believes that the future of fashion stands at the crossroads of Tech, Purpose and Sustainability.
Geraldine writes about thought provoking futures and has also dedicated herself to mentoring and climate change activism.

PANEL: The Future of Fashion.

Kerry Bannigan


Conscious Fashion Campaign

Kerry is a social impact event creator, producer and entrepreneur who champions the intersection of events and fashion as influential forces for global good and as key shapers of our sustainable future. The CFC collaborates with the United Nations Office for Partnerships, engaging leading global industry event stakeholders to commit to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

PANEL: Is Fast Fashion Bad?

Aditi Mayer


Photojournalist, Workers Rights Activist, Sustainable Fashion Blogger

Aditi began her blog, ADIMAY.com, after the Bangladesh Rana Plaza factory collapse in 2013. Her platform looks at the fashion industry through a lens of decolonization and intersectional feminism, created in order to bring inclusivity to the sustainable fashion movement which she believes has remained largely exclusionary in its approach. In 2021, she will be covering the fashion supply chain in India, from cotton farmers to textile waste.

KEYNOTE: Decolonising sustainability.

Clare Farrell


Extinction Rebellion

Clare is an active citizen, devoting her creativity, her energy, and occasionally her personal liberty, to fight against climate collapse and the wider environmental crisis. She has a background in the UK fashion industry and has been educating on fashion, ethics and sustainability for over a decade. Having started and managed several small sustainable brands she felt it was clear that there was no amount of green business capable of dealing with our state of crisis.

TALK: Fashion On A Dead Planet.

Meg He



Meg co-founded ADAY , a direct-to-consumer lifestyle brand creating the clothing of the future for the conscious consumer, with the aim to elevate the standard of all apparel. Her work is at the intersection of e-commerce, brand creation, design and storytelling. She is also a yoga teacher and has tried everything from ice climbing to running a marathon and is now an active medal-winning competitor in brazilian jiu jitsu.

PANEL: Planet-Centric Design.

Harriet Vocking


Chief Brand Officer
Eco Age Ltd

Eco-Age is a brand consultancy that helps businesses to create, implement and communicate bespoke sustainability solutions. Harriet has extensive experience in developing and delivering brand communication strategies for UK and International businesses.

KEYNOTE: Greening the Glam of Fashion.

Bernice Pan


Founder & Creative Director

Bernice is a creative entrepreneur who combines vision, theory and practice. She identified early on, the critical problem of over-consumption and the pressing need for structural change in the consumerist market, and thus set her mission: To use creative thinking and system design to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives; whilst tackling the social and environmental issues endemic in the fashion industries.

PANEL: Is Fast Fashion Bad?

Sophia Scott


Co-Founder & Co-Director

As well as filmmaking, Sophia is creating a unique range of travel goods exclusively designed for those who travel to the furthest corners of our planet.
The extensive knowledge gained by traveling allows the team behind GROUNDTRUTH Productions to produce a full travel range, using 100% recycled material, to be used in a wide variety of environments – bridging both style and function. Her focus is to make products and to build the company in a way that helps towards protecting our planet rather than destroying it.

PANEL: The Future of Fashion.

Laura Vicaria


CSR Manager & Digital Solutions
Mud Jeans international BV

MUD Jeans is a B Corp and the world’s first circular denim brand, making jeans from old denim. In 2013, they introduced the innovative ‘Lease A Jeans’ concept: encouraging the shift from ownership to access. In 2020, they aim to launch a pair of jeans produced out of 100% post consumer recycled cotton. Laura’s responsibility is to ensure that they understand their current impact and push for innovation and techniques that allow them to strive for continuous improvement.

PANEL: Planet-Centric Design.


Why is the event ticketed? Well, there is an entire team of people behind the scenes who works for months on this event to make it happen. Also, part of the tickets goes to the speakers, facilitators and community partners etc.. And a big chunk goes to plant our second forest in the Philippines, that’s how we keep our event carbon neutral and our footprints (and yours for joining) light.

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By the time you leave the TALKS, you will be empowered, motivated and ready to play an even bigger game and embrace you greenest, most fulfilled and most impactful life.

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No food waste for the yearEat plant based 5 days of the weekGrow your own food and buy local/ seasonal
- Chose a bank which does not invest in fossil fuels and supports green investmentsSwitch to renewables at home
- Offset your carbon footprint when you travelTake public transports or share a ride or bicycle to commuteDemand your local government to build the right infrastructures for bikes
- Buy second hand clothes and furnituresSupport slow fashion and ethical beauty and fashion brandsSupport the free economy through donating and getting things from donations
- Ditch disposables in your bathroomDitch disposables in your kitchenDitch disposables in your home, kitchen and bathroom