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Going zero waste may sound daunting, but like most things, if you make little daily switches you will be there in no time. Inspired by Bea Johnson, who has been breaking preconceptions of a zero waste life and whose family

Rainbow Warrior, an indisputable icon for environmental activism, has patrolled the world’s oceans since 1978. Join us on this journey to get a rare glimpse of the sights and sounds of the Rainbow Warrior as she cruises through Southeast Asia

Tag your it! You may have seen a lot of videos buzzing around your social feeds with #BeatPlasticPollution and people tagging each other. Well the UN Environment challenged the world to join their game of tag to launch a global

Are you an anti-plastic warrior? Yesterday as part of World Environment Day, Singapore showed that they are out to #BeatPlasticPollution in support of the UN Environment by raising awareness of plastic pollution and call widely for action. Did you know that

The plastic plague is real and nowhere is safe. But just how big is the problem in Singapore and how do people really feel about it? We asked our friend Jonathan Tostevin, founder of The Final Straw and author of the

Here are 10 things you need to know, that's happening in sustainability around the world this week.  A lot about planting trees this week, not that it's a bad thing. Tree huggers are just what we need for the environment. Not

Are you and your skin getting overwhelmed with a number of beauty products you're putting on? Maybe it's time to peel back all those layers and keep it simple. This week we spoke with Habiba Raffa the founder of Ayelli

Here are 10 things you need to know, that's happening in sustainability around the world this week.  Sustainability, climate change, the environment and everything eco & green, we've got this week's top ten things happening around the world and in Asia.

BaliSpirit Festival is one of South East Asia’s biggest annual yoga, dance and music festivals. Get ready for 6 amazing days and 7 awesome nights of yoga, dance, meditation, breathwork and of course, the night music concerts. BaliSpirit Festival aims