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We’ve all had those awkward family moments at the dinner table. A ‘casually’ racist comment in between “please pass the salt” and “so, have you met someone yet?” An eye-roll as soon as someone utters the word “vegan”. The holidays

Did you know that it takes around 298 litres of water to make a litre of beer? Or that the average bottle of wine has a carbon footprint of around 1,200g - the equivalent of driving three miles in a

As the global population continues to increase, the question of how sustainable our agricultural practices are can no longer be ignored. Here, the team from Green Monday talk food security, why we need to move away from a meat-centric diet,

Tanaman feels like an underground bunker that doesn’t rely on the outside world. And as part of Potato Head’s new sustainable kingdom in Bali, the plant-based design-driven restaurant is where we want to be when it all goes down (which

Beyond 2020, Singapore aims to outrank Taiwan as the most vegan-friendly Asian nation — and that starts with Veganuary. As of writing, 350,000 have registered with Veganuary to participate worldwide. Here’s how you can take part in Singapore. Welcome to 2020.

Whether you're in need of some animal-friendly gifting inspiration, want to reduce your impact this holiday season, or need to find a restaurant for festive feasting, here is your guide to having a vegan Christmas. The holidays are a time when

Heura calls themselves a 21st-century butcher shop, and we couldn’t agree more. The new era of meat is plant-based, and Heura has been busy revolutionizing the food industry in Europe. And now they’re rolling their products out in Asia… Millennials may

Tired of tofu? Treat yourself to a culinary vacation in Bangkok where you can eat, treat and cheat guilt-free on some of Asia's most standout dishes, veganized. Every Asian cuisine has its pièce de résistance. In Japan, it's ramen (actually that's

Approximately 400 million people around the world today choose a plant-based diet. abillionVeg are on a mission to make that one billion. Here’s how… Meet Vikas Garg, a man worthy of legend status although he's usually just referred to as the