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We've all got that vegan friend or maybe you just want to reduce your impact this festive season! Here is your guide to having a vegan Christmas from our friends at abillionVeg, as part of our 12 Days of Conscious

If you don’t know Rebecca Cappelli and the amazing work that she does, then you should check out Let Us Be Heroes and Animal Allies. Rebecca is a big advocate for the vegan lifestyle and educating people on why it is

Gluten-free, no refined sugar and dairy-free. We've heard these words, but what does it really do for us? Do we need these in our lives? Find out as we chat with Ramya Ragupathi, founder of Oh My Goodness! on the

Conceived by a man's quest to grow the population of vegetarians and vegans to 1 billion, abillionVeg was born. Being a life-long vegetarian and recent vegan, Vikas Garg the founder of abillionVeg, made it his mission to help vegetarians and

Raw beetroot ravioli, cashew-macadamia nut aged cheese, truffle - By Gregor Streun, Executive Sous-Chef from Grand Hyatt Singapore As part of our 12 Days of Conscious Christmas, our friend Rebecca Cappelli from Let Us Be Heroes got us this exclusive recipe from