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Chestnuts roasting on an open fire… are probably the only vegan-friendly Christmas foods that come to mind. Traditional Christmas spreads favour the carnivorous, whereas if you’re a veggie muncher, you must subsist on side dishes. To make things worse, Mom

Conceived by a man's quest to grow the population of vegetarians and vegans to 1 billion, abillionVeg was born. Being a life-long vegetarian and recent vegan, Vikas Garg the founder of abillionVeg, made it his mission to help vegetarians and

20 years from now, imagine a world where our kids or grandkids don't even know what a Tiger or Elephant is. Now picture them asking us if we could have done something to help them. Can we?When looking at some of these

It's a scary world we are living in, and yet it all seems to be business as usual. In this video, we speak with Kim Stengert, Communications Director WWF Singapore, to understand the current situation and what we as individuals

Every piece of plastic that was ever made is still on our planet today. Did you know that by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans by weight than fish? We speak to Craig Leeson, the director of