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Plastic has infiltrated our lives (old news). The majority of it is in packaging but there are many daily items that we take for granted, too. For instance, bags, cutlery, straws, phone chargers and decor all contain plastic to some degree. But

It’s time you got to know a little bit more about the relationship between plastic and salt, and that’s where Green is the New Black and Dentsu come in. We were horrified to learn that 90% of the world’s salt contains

By now we all know climate change is real. But what can we do about it? Here's a climate change guide and handbook we've prepared just for you, with tips that you just might not have heard before that picked up

Couldn't attend our film screening and panel discussion on living a zero waste life? Fret not! Here's what you missed. Straits Clan was abuzz with fiery ideas and the burning passion of our four panelists last Wednesday night, when Florence Tay

Hello July. Start this new month on a high with the global #PlasticFreeJuly movement and take a stand to #beatplasticpollution. Besides that, ever heard of sustainable cocktails? You would want to get a piece of this. From drone deliveries to