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I had a chat with a friend the other day and he asked me: “What can I do to reduce my waste when I’m travelling? I’m flying in a month, what would you do? Where do I start?” I was very

Language barriers and organic farming both come with many hurdles. But Norbert Binot, the founder of Fair Farm and Kampot Jewels, is not hindered by them- he's been jumping above them all with ease. Today, he's sharing his journey of

Calling all the wise men   Socially responsible and environmentally conscious gifts for the men in your life.    Men, can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas list may not always be merry

Are you eco-chic? On our recent trip to Hong Kong, We met with Kay Liu, The Education Director for Redress to understand what the current landscape in Hong Kong looks like, how they are promoting eco-chic and how we can

Fashion designer, revolutionary, and campaigner for ethical, sustainability and transparency in the fashion supply chain, Carry Somers is the Founder of Fashion Revolution. In this talk she shares with us if Green Can Become The New Black. Green Is The New

During this years Green Is The New Black, we had a panel discussion on 'Behind the Label' exploring what really happens along the supply chain. Hear from Leslie Chiverton, Founder of Transparent Supply Chains, Renyung Ho, Co-Founder of Matter and

Green Is The New Black the TALKS happened in Singapore at Hotel Jen Tanglin in October 2016, bringing together some of the leading change makers and thought leaders in Asia and beyond. This talk was part of HAVING: Fashion &