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Heading on holiday soon? Don't forget to elevate your resort look with a classic Panama hat and some sunglasses to shade yourself from all the haters are a must. Accessorize away but don't forget to keep it conscious. Here is

Sleep. Everybody does it and we spend a third of our lives doing it, so why aren't we be more conscious about it?   Quality sleep is essential to leading a well-balanced, healthy life. Sleep deficiency can be detrimental to the body

As travel becomes cheaper, faster and more accessible, so does the impact on our travel as a result. But we're not going to stop traveling so we need to find better and more conscious ways to explore the world. Alexandria

Sometimes it takes an eye-opening experience to bring about permanent change in your life. This is the story of Talia Sanchez, who went from living a luxurious life in the fashion industry to giving it all up in favor of

You might have heard, or maybe you were even there yourself; But we just had the biggest, greenest Conscious Festival in all our years of running it. Here's what you missed!   10. Seeing all the NEW FRIENDS everybody made Nothing brightened our

We all love a good time, with good people, good vibes and good music. But did you know that music festivals like Coachella can produce up to 107 tonnes of waste per day that it runs? That's a lot of stuff

LATEST UPDATE: August 2019 Looking for specific styles of clothing but don't know which brands to purchase from? We're here to help you find sustainable and ethical clothing to look like the best version of you, while saving the planet, too.