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Green Is The New Black

Spirituality and Sustainability: Connecting Your Mind with the Planet

Reading Time: 3 minutes
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So you want to save the planet? You want to make a change? In my experience, the health of the planet, and the health of our external world is an incredible reflection of our internal world.

“If you want to save the planet, don’t go and plant more trees.”


What do I mean by “internal world”?

Our internal world is made up of thoughts, feelings and the flow of energy. Our internal worlds are vast, destructive and chaotic, they are also beautiful, subtle and delicate. It’s our decision where we place our focus, it’s our decision to decide which one we feed- do we feed the chaos, or do we feed the beauty within?


Are you feeding chaos or beauty? 

This is a question we all need to ponder… It is like a journey down the rabbit hole, when we begin to travel into our internal world; When we start discovering how to shift and nurture this universe within… down the rabbit hole we go. Currently, the most destructive force on the planet is the human mind. The mind that continually judges everything, the mind that is judging this piece of writing right now, the mind that looks at others through a lens, with that lens being created from past experiences, that lens made up of likes and dislikes. We all have it.

Think of someone whom you don’t like or who has done something ‘bad’ by you. Really take a moment to visualize them and think about this person/quality/scenario/dislike…what happens in your body? What happens in your thoughts, emotions and energy? Most likely something will happen- a sensation or physiological shift. This energy right there, the one that you are feeling, this is the very same destructive energy that damages our planet.


Are you fighting a war in your mind? 

Many people will sit in their homes saying to their family “War is madness, it’s crazy,”; Yet, the very next moment, they have a war within their own mind, judging someone for taking too much food and creating tension within and also around the table. This is the exact same tension that is felt on a larger scale that manifests into war. The same disrespectful thoughts that come into our own minds on a daily basis such as:

  • “I’m not good enough.”
  • “Others are better than me.”
  • “I wish I could be that beautiful.”
  • “I’m boring.”
  • “Nobody wants to hear what I have to say.”

These thought-patterns stem from the same place that causes the continuous disrespect of our planet.  We have this collective patterning of fear, “not enough-ness”, and tension globally. It is the world most of us have been raised in.


Are we all doomed? 

Does this mean that we are doomed, and we are the perpetrators of war from the confines of our own mind? Not entirely. But it does mean that we hold the power to shift our inner-realities, to take responsibility for how we generate and direct our energy. And this isn’t just for the planet’s sake, it’s actually for our sake, and the next generations as well.

The power you hold within yourself impacts the whole vibration, maybe at a small level but everything counts. If we all take responsibility for our internal world, as well as supporting the external world then we will be on our way to making this world truly a place of peace and connection. As the rise of awareness spreads, the collective energy has no other choice but to lift to meet it.


So you want to make a change?

Start with yourself. Or do both at the same time 😉 “What can I do to change myself?” you might ask. Many things, including;

  • Meditation
  • Breathwork
  • Human Design
  • Gene Keys
  • Authentic Relating
  • Simply following your heart and trusting your own flow
  • Improve your physical health through movement and detoxification
  • Feed your mind with uplifting songs, photos and people
  • Celebrate gratitude daily


Yet the most profound thing you can do is simply watch your own thoughts, watch your own judgments, watch your own fears and really get truthful with yourself, be honest and upfront with yourself and start weeding those fears out from the mind, out from the body and watch as your external world begins to brighten, begins to transform. Become the guardian to your own inner earth, and then we can all rise together as guardians of this beautiful planet, from the inside out.


And if you’re keen on uncovering even more truths in the world around you, why not start with uncovering the truth behind Singapore’s food waste issue?

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Charlie is a transformational coach who works with people 1-on-1, in groups and well as in retreats. He uses intuition and awareness alongside specific tools and techniques to create a space for transformation.