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Green Is The New Black

So Hot Right Now: Conscious Brands We’re Loving This October

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Most of us have embraced the new normal – working from our kitchen tables, having meetings over Zoom, and exercising in our living rooms. But how do we make sure we’re staying green while we’re at home? This month, we feature brands from around the world that are helping us to live conveniently and consciously, whether we’re in lockdown, self-quarantining, or working from home.

We’ve never spent as much time at home as we have this year, meaning our daily priorities have changed. Instead of wondering which outfit will help to weather the rain (no pun intended!) or impress at a big meeting, we’re wondering how we can feel focused and productive while also being super comfortable. The same goes for all other areas of our daily lives, from exercise to eating. Luckily, there are loads of sustainable products that can help us navigate this shift. This month, we look at brands that are making it easy – and fun – to be green at home.

Here’s our Conscious girl, Amanda Olivia, showing us just how easy it is to up your sustainability creds while working from home. With a little help from Bamboa, DEPLOY LondonThe Whole KitchenFront & Center, and Love Bambooloo, it’s easy to get s**t done while keeping things green.

Here's how you stay green while working from home

COVID got you working from home? Here's our Conscious girl, Amanda Olivia, showing us just how easy it is to up your sustainability creds. With a little help from Bamboa, Deploy London, The Whole Kitchen, Never Run Out, Front & Center, and Love Bambooloo, it's easy to get s**t done while keeping things green.

Posted by Green Is The New Black on Friday, 25 September 2020



Deploy London’s tagline is: ‘thoughtfully designed to create more from less’. The British clothing brand lives up to this by creating smart, tailored items that are multi-functional, such as a reversible wrap dress with different colours and prints on each side, a 4-way dress coat, and a dress with removable sleeves. Dedicated to the sustainable, slow fashion movement, they’re strict about their supply chain, upcycling fabrics, and being zero waste. They’re also officially Carbon Certified.

Shop here


The superhero of the make-your-own-lunch and prepped-freezer-meal worlds, Stasher offer reusable, plastic-free food bags in a variety of sizes. The bags have an air-tight seal (no stale sandwiches here!), and they’re also waterproof. Ideal for both days at work and days at home, they make meal-prepping, snacking, lunching, and any other kind of food-related task, super convenient. The brand is also a member of 1% For the Planet, meaning that for every bag sold, a portion of profits goes to organisations who are preserving and rehabilitating our oceans.

Shop here (distributed in Singapore by Front & Center)

Bamboa Home

Hong Kong-based Bamboa Home knows bamboo. They offer traditional bamboo homewares, such as flasks and pens, as well as more innovative items, including bamboo solar-powered calculators and bamboo bed sheets. Their wares are also perfect for those who favour the calm, minimalist vibe in their homes. Bamboa’s products are made from 100 percent bamboo sourced from sustainable forests in Asia, crafted by local communities, and are all biodegradable and packaged sustainably.

Shop here

The Nurturing Co

The Nurturing Co is an umbrella company that have created different brands selling sustainable home products. They make it easy to keep everything clean – the planet included – at a time when hygiene vigilance is key. Their products include sustainable bamboo toilet paper (Bambooloo), which is free of plastic packaging and wood-pulp, and non-toxic antibacterial wipes which come in a refillable, reusable, resealable canister. As well as sourcing responsibly and avoiding plastic, they also work with the communities who make their products and monitor their emissions.
Shop here

The Whole Kitchen

The Whole Kitchen, a Singapore-based bakery, are pros at offering delicious, low-sugar eats for every dietary need (vegan, gluten-free, keto, etc). Think energy pearls as a post-workout snack, home-baked granolas to start the day right, cookies for, well, all the time, and home baking ingredients – our lockdown weekend BFFs. They source their products as sustainably as possible, favour local organic ingredients, avoid food waste (not only by baking consciously but by working with Foodbank when they have excess) and opt for reusable or reduced packaging. Oh, and they also deliver within Singapore.
Shop here

Nordgreen Watch


Nordgreen is a Danish watch brand that champions both sleek, stylish design and sustainability. They create high-quality watches built to last in a bid to combat the fast fashion mentality. An added bonus: their diverse array of watches means you can change up your look at home with minimal effort required. The brand is carbon neutral (they plant thousands of trees to offset their emissions), offer FSC-certified sustainable packaging, and partner with global charities. For each watch they sell, they enable customers to give back to one of three causes.

Shop here

*All imagery by Harsha Poojari

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Sarah is a British-Chinese journalist. She has been writing for magazines, newspapers, and websites for the last nine years, first in London and as of 2016, in Hong Kong. As well as working in journalism, Sarah also runs her own editing business, proofreading for academics, small businesses, and NGOs. An avid fan of the planet, she’s eager to champion brands doing their bit and be a part of the bigger conservation conversation. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, consuming very British quantities of tea and (vegan) biscuits, and befriending the local dogs on the small island she calls home.