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Wipes & Rolls & Sanitiser bundle. 36 Rolls of toilet rolls, 1 X 300 wipe refillable canister, 1lt Sanitiser – BAMBOOLOO


The Nurturing Co. Wipes & rolls bundle. 36 rolls of Bambooloo, plus a The Nurturing Co. 300 wipe refillable canister. Plus 1 lt of Food grade Sanitiser

Our famous 36 roll box of individual wrapped 100% Bambooloo rolls, teamed up with our new The Nurturing Co. antibacterial wipes.

Bambooloo® – 100% fabulously soft virgin bamboo pulp 3-Ply toilet rolls

Bambooloo® 100% Virgin Bamboo 3-Ply Toilet Rolls is made with their 100% virgin bamboo pulp fabulously soft, strong, highly absorbent and BPA free. 100% sustainable, 100% biodegradable these products offer the very highest quality of feel and performance.

  • Enjoy soft, strong, highly absorbent and BPA free toilet paper
  • 100% sustainable
  • 100% biodegradable
  • 100% Bamboo
  • BPA free, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic
  • Ships with zero plastic packaging


The Nurturing Co. 100% bamboo antibacterial wipes.

Safe, gentle natural cleaning wipes for both surfaces and your skin. Containing organic Aloe and Chamomile. Our antibacterial wipes are certified effective 99.9% against germs and bacteria, and FDA approved. Our wipes are 15cm x 20cm, so a good handy size for most jobs and made with 45gsm (thickness) 100% bamboo spun lace.

NO one-time use plastics.

Available in our handy carry. refillable, reusable and recyclable centre pull through opening canister. Traditional wipes come in 40,60,80 sheet non-recyclable one time use plastic packaging. We think its time to drop this idea and recognise how wasteful and damaging these are.

100% bamboo.

No plastics here either… Did you know that most wipes are at 45/65% plastics? No… Well, that’s no surprise as the industry has been pulling the wool over our eyes for a very long time and avoided telling us what the base material was..

We don’t like being misled, so we are 100% transparent and 100% bamboo.

Suitable Uses.

Ideal for hands and surfaces where bacteria or

unpleasant odours are a concern, The Nurturing Co.

HomeCare Sanitising Antibacterial Wipes can be used on

countertops, food preparation surfaces, floors,

appliances, garbage cans, changing tables, high chairs,

cribs, children’s toys, toilet seats, doorknobs, desks and pet

habitats. Also suitable for your hands.


The Nurturing Co Food Grade Hand and Surface Sanitiser. 1lt Refill.
Launched as a part of our efforts to help in light of the recent viral COVID-19 outbreak.
Our sanitisers form a part of our contribution to help during these uncertain times and is being made locally.
It will be made available to the Singapore market first.
We are hoping to make these products available to everyone as we expand our offer, and as this current situation settles.
The Nurturing Co Food Grade Hand and Surface Sanitiser 70% Ethyl Alcohol (Wheat Derived)
The Nurturing Co Food Grade Hand and Surface Sanitiser is specially formulated to sanitise and kill 99.99% viruses & bacteria.
It is safe and non-toxic for your skin, and suitable for repeated use. 
As this is a food-grade product it can be used to sanitise any food contact surfaces such as utensils, knives, cutting boards, dining tables, kitchen & any food preparation surfaces.
It can also be used to sanitise general surfaces at your offices and homes.
The product is ready-mixed, no dilution required.
Use to refill pump or spray bottles as is needed or preferred.
  • Kills 99.99% bacteria & viruses within 30 secs. 99.9999% within one minute.
  • Safe & Non- Toxic (Corn Derived Food Grade Formula)
  • 0% sulphates, 0% Chlorine, 0% EDTA and 0% Parabens.
  • Skin-friendly (pH7)
  • Ingredients: 70% Food Grade Ethyl Alcohol, deionised water, Isopropyl alcohol
* Made in Singapore, Food Grade Sanitiser manufactured at a local Food Grade factory.


Shipping: Free Across Singapore