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Raised Garden Bed Grow Kit – ROOFTOP REPUBLIC


With Rooftop Republic’s specially curated grow kits, we take the hassle out of sourcing the right planters, the best soil, and effective fertilizers. Our in-house experts have thoughtfully put together each Grow Kit with the same high-quality equipment and supplies that we implement at our professional urban farms, so you can be confident that you are getting the best products to get started on your growing journey.

The Raised Garden Bed Grow Kit includes:
1 Raised Planter Bed (L90cm x W60cm x H72cm)
2 bags of soil (70L)
2 Coconut Bricks (10L)
1 bag of chicken manure fertilizer (2kg)
1 bag of bone meal fertilizer (2kg)
1 Rooftop Republic Home Gardening Guide
This Grow Kit includes a raised garden bed; the added height is perfect if you don’t want to kneel or crouch down while gardening. It has a large and deep planting area, making it perfect for growing all varieties of crops.

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