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Private Consultation with LivingveggiebyAnia – LIVING VEGGIE BY ANIA


Want to lose weight on a vegan diet or wondering how to feed the
children or plan family meals. What about your favourite non vegan
dishes, is it possible to make them plant based? Maybe you just need
help to create some healthy meal plans or to review the contents of your
fridge or pantry. Many people just need a bit of help or support to build
some healthy eating habits which quickly become a natural permanent

I can also give you my tips on how to behave in social situations –
weddings, family gatherings, dinner parties where you are the only
vegan and might be feeling the odd one out.

Once you become, or maybe already are, an experienced plant based
eater I can help to expand your repertoire and give you inspiration for
new exotic vegan dishes from different parts of the world – e.g. Persia,
Lebanon, Malaysia, France.

If any of this appeals to you, please consider my one to one
consultations, after a brief review of you current plant-based ideas we
can personalise our session(s) so that you can get the most out of it.

Don’t worry its not a hard sell but with a bit of support I believe you will
find following a plant-based diet can be easy, interesting and very
rewarding as well, of course, being healthy.
Finally and perhaps most importantly I believe food has to be not only
healthy but also delicious so don’t by shy, give me a try.
Sessions can be face to face, by phone, WhatsApp, Zoom or whatever
social media platform happens to be your favourite, and can be arranged
at a time convenient to your busy schedule.

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