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Pre-Order Emma’s Scrunchies pack of 2- THE EXTRA SMILE

$12.00 $9.00

Why Pre-Order?

💚  Reduce waste: it helps us to produce the right quantities!

💚  Support a social enterprise: your purchase provides decent working conditions to apparel workers in Cambodia.

💚  Save money: by pre-ordering, we can eliminate the risk of unsold stock, and share the money we save with you!

💚  Be an active participant of the fashion revolution and make the world a better place for your children!

Delivery time
We are grouping the orders for efficiency and waste reduction. Expected delivery time is 4-6 weeks from the time you place your order.

About Emma’s scrunchies
Is there anything cuter than a hair accessory that matches your outfit? Our two color versions perfectly combine with lots of dresses, tops and pants.

What’s special about it? This Pre-Order pack consists of two different scrunchies: one in dotted print, and one in jungle print.

What is it made of?  Printed cambric 100% organic cotton (GOTS certified).

What do the kids say? Emma: “I just love scrunchies and this one is perfect with my jacket!”

Care for a tip? Use a gentle detergent and the cold cycle program.

When to wear? Everyday!

How to wear it? Style your kid’s hair in a high ponytail, like a palm tree, and then wear Emma’s scrunchie around it. You can also wear it around the wrist, it’s a big hit!

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