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Organic Mung Bean Powder Cleanser 100 g – HAPPY EARTH FARM


Exfoliate the skin naturally with no chemical residues left behind with our Mung Bean Powder. This long natural pH balancer powder can scrub your dead cells and blackheads away while effectively get rid of your excess oil. Use it however you like, body scrub, dry soap or even shampoo powder. Perfect for your everyday face and body wash routine.

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<font-family: “Montserrat”> Believed to be good for all skin types, Mung Bean Powder has been used for centuries for face scrub and hair wash. It brings about a smooth and clean sensation for all skin and hair types.

Following the aged old Ayuverdic medicine, we bring back this tradition with our farm-grown organic mung bean. This sacred bean is considered a natural pH-balancer great for all skin and hair types (in Ayurvedic, it is believed to be the natural cleanser for all doshas). Due to its 100% natural ingredient and no added additives, it is particularly suitable for those with sensitive skin and scalp or anyone who is experiencing oily skin issues due to scalp and skin irritation.

The fine powder can gently exfoliate the skin, body, or scalp and get rid of the dead cells or blackheads while absorbing the excess oil and washing it away, leaving your skin soft and smooth right after use.

Ingredient: Organic mung bean powder and nothing else.

Quantity: 100 g


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International Shipping will resume in July, meanwhile please contact info@happyearthfarm.org for your order