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Happy Earth No-Poo Starter Gift Set – HAPPY EARTH FARM


Kickstart your No-Poo journey with our No-Poo Starter Gift Set! Each product works synergistically to ease out your transition period making your No-Poo journey a bit less challenging. Try it and maybe you’ll realize that maybe you do not really need any soap or shampoo or any nasties in your body care routine after all!

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<font-family: “Montserrat”> GIf you are a No-Poo beginner or know someone who is considering switching to an absolutely chemical-free routine, this No-Poo Starter Gift Set. It helps you ease out the transition period and give you a variety of things to try!

This gift set is designed for those who are considering our product line and are not too sure if they can handle the No-Poo lifestyle for real. The smaller size means a smaller price and you can mix these products together when use to suit all your body and hair needs.

What is included?

No-Poo Head to Toe Wash 250 ml
Jasmine Rice Face Mask 50 g
Mung Bean Powder Body Scrub 50 g
Mini Luffa scrubber


SG Shipping Only until July due to Covid-19

International Shipping will resume in July, meanwhile please contact info@happyearthfarm.org for your order