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Hand Sanitizer – ZEROYET100


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From turning a doorknob to leave your room, to texting a friend using your smartphone, we inevitably find ourselves germ-ridden situations every single day. While the good ol’ soap and water remain the most effective method of maintaining our hygiene, the hand sanitiser comes in a very close, trusty second. Despite serving as an excellent way to stave off infections in public, most regular store-bought brands contain nasty chemicals, which tend to remove resident microbes at the expense of lowering your immune system in the long run. Our 70% corn derived alcohol and essential oil-based hand sanitizer however, can help eliminate 99.9% of all known bacteria and germs leaving your microbes and immunity in place! As such, it can serve as more reliable, stronger and organic substitute for soap and water in public settings. This concoction is neatly stored in our 60ml spray bottle, perfect for carrying in your daily handbag, backpack, or suitcase!