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Avitez Water – BIZSU.CO


Unlike most bottled water, Avitez Water bottles are all-natural and organic. Made entirely out of plants, these bottles ‘breathe’ as plants do. They have a natural life-cycle and end up fully decomposing in an industrial compost in less than 180 days. Moreover, in the case that our Avitez bottle is incinerated, it will burn cleanly with no harmful toxins being released into our environment. With Avitez, you not only hydrate, you save your body and the planet.

500ml bottle

24 pieces for 29.90

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SKU: 22806


Delivery fees: Avitez mineral water, $5 for water and $30 for orders above 30kg.

Prices (in SGD, excluding delivery fees):

Avitez mineral water: $36


Prices (in SGD, including delivery fees – note that customers will only be charged one delivery fee per order)

Avitez mineral water: $41