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Aroma Bag Natural Air Refresher 70 g – HAPPY EARTH FARM


100% natural air refresher made from lime and orange peel. Eliminate the stuffy odors and bring back the refreshing scent perfect for your personal space.

Aroma Air Refresher Refill 200 g also available for purchase on Happy Earth Farm Website HERE

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<font-family: “Montserrat”> Aroma Bag Air Refresher Perfect for Your Shoe Cabinet, Car, Wardrobe, or Personal Space.

Apart from turning our Kaffir Limes and Bitter Oranges into No-Poo Head to Toe Wash or Soap-Free Pet Shampoo, we also use them in our Aroma Bag Air Refresher. The grounded lime and orange peel is amazingly aromatic. When stuffed in a small mesh bag, it can bring a relaxing vibe to your personal space. Moreover, you can put this aroma bag in your shoe cabinet, wardrobe, car, bathroom, or even inside your shoe to remove the stuffy odors or dispel insects.

Try it, use it. We are sure you will love it!

Our Jasmine rice is grown at our organic farm. When ready, the fresh rice will be turned into powder. During that time, the fresh Jasmine rice aroma will permeate all over the place. You can apply it in many ways such as a rice mask, body mask, exfoliator, or use it for hair as shampoo powder or hair mask. The result can be noticed right after use, from skin whitening to disappearing signs of aging.

Ingredient: Kaffir Lime Peels, Bitter Orange Peels

Quantity: 70 g


SG Shipping Only until July due to Covid-19

International Shipping will resume in July, meanwhile please contact info@happyearthfarm.org for your order