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Green Is The New Black

Podcasts with a Purpose: Tune in to the Inspiring (and Amusing) Podcasts from Around Asia

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Fuel your fire to fix the world through some sustainable listening with a couple of fun, witty and hugely intelligent do-gooders. And since Asia is finally warming up to podcasts, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite thought-provoking podcasts from around the region lead by our favourite world-changers who delve into topics like sustainability, conscious living, clean energy and climate change.

At any given time, I have ten tabs open that are essentially a queue of articles that I want to read but just can’t find the time. Then I discovered podcasts which have opened up a whole new world (and way) of absorbing information when I might otherwise be wasting time scrolling – they make commuting through Bangkok traffic a little more bearable and getting a massage even more pleasurable (yes, it’s totally possible to heighten the experience). And even more recently, I discovered podcasts with a purpose and this is a list of the all movers and shakers in Asia that are turning to audio to spread the good word.


Introducing Laura Francois and Raye Padit, hosts of The S Word

The S Word

The newest kid on the block is The S Word (the S stands for…you guessed it, sustainability). Hosted by GITNB Green Warriors Laura Francois and Raye Padit, they tackle the ins and outs of new innovations in Asia while bringing to light the externalities that still exist. Full disclosure: on their conscious journey, they unearthed that sustainability is not black and white. That said, this podcast for anyone who’s heard about the term sustainability and maybe jumped on the bandwagon. But it’s also for those who can’t help but realize that nothing, not even sustainability, is perfect.

Tune in to the debate here.


Assaad Razzouk, the host of The Angry Clean Energy Guy, is not THAT angry. We promise.

The Angry Clean Energy Guy

“There is so much to be angry about if you’re a clean energy kind of guy” – reads the tagline of Assaad Razzouk’s weekly podcast, which he records in Singapore where he is a clean energy entrepreneur, investor and art gallery owner. Indeed, looking around, there is a lot to be angry about, and Razzouk opens the dialogues on these issues. The show gives examples and context to topics like climate change, solar or wind power, plastic pollution, deforestation and reforestation, environmental degradation, wildlife, the oceans and more. Acknowledging the crisis isn’t enough anymore, so Assaad gives suggestions on how we can all be a little bit more environmentally responsible, or what we like to call #LittleGreenSteps. Episodes are short and sweet, coming in under 30 minutes on a weekly schedule.

Connect with Assaad Razzouk here.



An endless source of inspiration, Regina Larko is the host of #impact


Austrian-born but Hong Kong-based Regina Larko launched #impact in 2017 as a platform to talk about things that matter. Born out of a frustration with the way media often portrayed stories surrounding social impact grimly, Regina now uses her platform to tell impactful stories in a light and a refreshing way. Her listeners are instead more likely to feel inspired by the individuals that Regina sits down with. The biweekly podcast covers topics ranging from environmental pollution, human rights violations, the sacrifices and hardships of underprivileged and forgotten communities, discrimination and inequality. Each episode is under an hour and will arm you with the knowledge you need to fuel your own #LittleGreenSteps.

If this is for you, find Regina Larko here

Steve Stine, host of Inside Asia, in all his glory.

Inside Asia

While not entirely centred around sustainability, host Steve Stine (who also has one of the most mesmerizing bios I’ve ever read) leads conversations with some of Asia’s leading movers, shakers, thinkers, and provocateurs. More than a few episodes are dedicated to greener topics that feature leading voices or field experts that offer invaluable insight on issues like eco-tourism and the Komodo Islands, sustainable education, solving Asia’s water crisis and he even talks to an AI-enabled consulting firm that mines data for the greater good. Every week, he treats listeners to an extraordinary tale of a country, a trend, a sector, idea or person that is shaping and changing the region in a short podcast that falls under 45 minutes.

Listen to Steve and the ideas that are fueled by his deep-seated curiosity here



Marcy Trent Long is the host of four sustainable series under the Sustainable Asia umbrella. 

Sustainable Asia

Radio Hong Kong host Marcy Trent Long partners with chinadialogue and other NGOs for this hugely insightful podcast about the critical issues that China and Asia are facing in regards to sustainability. Marcy gives in-depth coverage on matters like plastic marine pollution, overfishing, illegal marine trade. Under its umbrella, Sustainable Asia has four podcast series: 1986 which investigates overfishing, The Plasticity Podcast which talks about the future of plastic, Eight Million which examines China’s role in tackling the ocean plastics challenge and Trash Talk which looks at recycling in Hong Kong. Episodes all come in under 30 minutes, and since they are multiple-part series, they have all been released.

Dig a little deeper with Marcy Trent Long here


Master podcaster, all-around superwoman, and host of Hong Kong Confidential Jules Hannaford (photo via SCMP)

Hong Kong Confidential

Author Jules Hannaford helms Hong Kong Confidential on a podcast that reflects the diversity of its namesake city. On the show, she invites guests with fascinating stories share their wisdom, experiences and insights. Previous guests have included a doula, a dating and relationship coach, community leaders, LGBTQ+ activists, human rights defenders, abuse survivors, psychologists, life coaches, recovered addicts, authors, a firefighter, a matchmaker, accomplished businesswomen and many more. Having just celebrated her 100th episode, there are enough episodes (they’re less than an hour and come out weekly) to keep you enthralled for months to come – unless you binge listen as we did.

Keep up to date with Jules’ adventures in podcasting here


Sara Sense is the super sexy host of the Better In Bed podcast based out of Hong Kong

Better In Bed

Don’t we all want to be better in bed? Sex educator and coach Sara Tang and co-host Jye Smith discuss the undiscussable in this casual, consensual podcast that looks to make the world a more sex-positive place. The podcast, as you might have guessed, talks a lot about sex, how to do it safely, pleasurably and playfully. Tang, who grew up in Singapore before moving to Hong Kong, experienced inadequate sex education, which empowered her to talk about it openly. Her goal is to shift the conversation from being shameful to being celebrated, especially in Asia, where the topic is taboo. Episodes will leave you fierce and empowered with greater control over your sex life. Episodes are about one hour long and come out every other month.

Spice up your sex life with Sara here.



This one is for the Frenchies. Basilic is a passion project started by a French expat that now call Hong Kong home. Hosted by Jeane Clesse, you will listen to stories from founders like Lamazuna, one of France’s first zero-waste brads, to interviews with conscious spas manager of Revīvō. Taking it one steps further, Jeane focuses the dialogue on putting social entrepreneurs and good initiatives into the limelight while bridging the gap between France and Asia. And yes, the podcast is in French so best start practicing the language of Molière. Episodes come out sporadically and are easy listening at around 30 minutes.

Brush up on your French with Basilic here.


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