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Ode To Organics: Behind the Brand with Cissy Chen

To organic or not to organic? That is the question..and we have the answers thanks to the lovely Cissy Chen, founder of FrankSkincare.

Cissy Chen is the founder of FrankSkincare, an organic skincare brand based in Singapore. Cissy started FrankSkincare as a solution to her own sensitive and acne-prone skin. After doing tons of research, she noticed the number of chemicals she was putting on her skin. Going a step forward, she tried to find and formulate products suitable for sensitive skin while also being organic.
She helped us break down what it actually means to be organic. According to her, a lot of commercialised ingredients produced in commercial farmlands uses close to 320 different pesticides, in which contain different things like metal and harmful toxic chemicals that could eventually work their way to destroy the different parts of our organ.

“If mother nature can talk right now, I guess she would be really upset. She would really want everyone to consume less. Consume better, more naturally, more organically but so much lesser so then we have lesser things to get rid of.”               

                                                                                                                                  – Cissy Chen

Cissy is also one of our Green Warriors, read more here.

In this interview with Cissy, we speak about: 
> What exactly is Organic
> Her personal journey to organic skincare
> And what are some things we can do to be better with our own beauty choices?

Try out Cissy’s Little Green Steps:

  • 1) Take a look at the ingredient list and how transparent a brand is with their ingredients
  • 2) If you have questions about certain ingredients or about the products, send the brands an email or chat with them to find out more
  • 3) Consume better, more naturally, more organically

Get updated with Cissy’s organic skincare workshops and start your skincare routine with FrankSkincare here.  

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