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Green Is The New Black

Oceane Yang | Creative & Marketing Director, ETL No. 9

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Cleaning up our vegetables

For her work advocating and leading the pesticide-free movement and toxin-free community

Océane Yang is the creative and marketing director for 外星之光 ETL No.9. She experienced a profound spiritual awakening at the age of 22, and discovered her inner calling. Since then, she has fully devoted herself to promoting cultural sustainability. Working alongside world’s leading thought leaders and sustainability experts, she explored the spiritual dimension of sustainability and found her gift in creating compelling narratives and ideas that inspire positive changes on higher states of consciousness. In 2015, she founded the ‘pesticide-free movement’ and toxin-free community’ initiative in Singapore, Malaysia and China. She believes that the purpose of green innovation is to help achieve happiness for everyone on this planet and the act of purifying our environment is the most direct way of purifying our heart and soul.

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A little sparrow who is convinced that every tiny step you take is capable of creating a big, massive change. She's "Teacher Mini" to those who know her best and simply crazy to everyone else; Her life goals include planting an oak tree and driving a cement truck, and she hopes that one day, people will believe her when she says that you can see stars hanging out in Singapore's skies.

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