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Green Is The New Black

Not JUST Eggless Eggs – Interview with Jerome Pagnier from the Grand Hyatt Singapore

Reading Time: 4 minutes
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We already know that going plant-based can greatly help improve the state of the planet. But can it really be that easy and will your plant-based food still taste as good?

If you’ve read some of our other posts, you’ll know that we have some serious love for The Grand Hyatt – they have been working towards changing how people view a stereotypical ‘vegan dining experience’ by offering Singapore a genuinely delicious and credible option for any date night or dinner with friends. And today it’s World Vegan Day! Our mouths are literally salivating just thinking about some of the events and pop-ups we’re planning on attending. And if you’ve read our previous post on what’s happening around Singapore for World Vegan Month, hopefully, you’ve got your calendars well and truly marked as well! Amongst all of this, The Grand Hyatt has organised not one, but three vegan-friendly events this month.


The Grand Hyatt’s Food and Beverage Director, Jerome Pagnier, has been working incredibly hard in order to change how people perceive the typical vegan dining experience. Through introducing pioneering plant-based alternatives like The Beyond Burger and most recently, JUST Egg – an egg alternative, that looks, tastes and feels like egg- he is well on his way to achieving this goal. On November 1st, The Grand Hyatt is hosting the JUST Egg Food Truck experience which will be the first time JUST Egg will be served in South East Asia. Jerome is always looking for new ways to bring the plant-based lifestyle to Singapore, and he chose to introduce JUST Egg because of its positive impact on the planet as it is proven to require less water and fewer carbon emissions than normal chicken eggs. And at just $5 nett, this is an ‘egg sandwich’ that you just have to try.

Jerome Pagnier, F&B Director, Grand Hyatt Singapore

Tell us about the JUST Egg food truck, is it worth the hype? Does it really taste like egg?

The great thing about these plant-based alternatives is that it allows us, consumers and chefs alike, to cook it in the same way as regular beef or eggs and achieve the same flavour and texture as well.

Made from mung beans, the cholesterol-free and antibiotic-free JUST Egg has been created by San Francisco-based food innovator JUST Inc. to scramble and taste just like eggs, allowing chefs the freedom to create anything from French toast to omelets just as they have with conventional eggs.


First Beyond Burger, now JUST Egg what’s the next plant-based food that The Grand Hyatt will be introducing to Singapore?

I am driven by looking out and introducing plant-based alternatives on the market, not only for the health factor but also for the fact that it is the more environmentally sustainable option. JUST Egg requires less water and fewer carbon emissions than conventional chicken eggs, we sourced JUST Egg as part of the hotel’s commitment to a sustainable future. I want to ensure all the decisions we make have a positive impact on the health of future generations and protect our planet for them to continue knowing it the way I did when I was a kid.

This is in addition to current initiatives, such as the elimination of single-use plastics, the installation of a waste management plant and tri-generation plant, sourcing herbs and greens from our rooftop gardens and more.

There is indeed something big in the pipeline, but I cannot just yet speak about it. I am extremely excited for what is to come!


What do you think the future of vegan dining in Singapore will be in the next couple of years?

It is extremely exciting to see that the F&B scene in Singapore is moving towards introducing more plant-based options on their menu, and as a vegan myself, I feel that it is very important for restaurants to provide alternatives to create more inclusive dining experiences in the city. I believe in the power of a conscious and healthy lifestyle, and it is a fast-growing movement, which to me, means vegan options are only going to increase exponentially from here. We are living very exciting times.


What’s the importance of World Vegan Day? Can international ‘days’ like this have a positive impact?

To me it is a day of celebration, a day that must breathe consciousness, mindfulness and compassion. Celebrations are always positive and World Vegan Day is no different. I believe what is most important for us in Food & Beverage is to redefine the concept of plant-based dishes, and prove to diners that healthy options can be delicious! We experienced this when we launched Beyond Burger, and we are certain that we can achieve the same impact with the plant-based options that we are set to launch in the coming months.


I don’t know about you, but hearing about all these new plant-based alternatives makes me really excited for the future of what we eat, how we eat it, and how we can continue to evolve as humans in order to make the changes necessary for a sustainable future.


If you’re interested in other sustainable meat-free meat options, check out our piece on Quorn’s meat-free meat here.

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