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Green Is The New Black

New Restaurant Alert: Casserole Serves Up An Entirely Plant-Based Menu

Reading Time: 5 minutes
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casserole green is the new black

Green Is The New Black steps into Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa’s Casserole for a pre-opening tasting experience of the first dedicated meat alternative restaurant in a Singaporean hotel. Popping up on Level 3 of the country’s only beachfront resort, the restaurant is now open for dinner daily—read on for our favourite must-try dishes and organic drinks.

Surrounded by greenery, the Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa has seen tourists flocking its green corridors and expansive pools since pandemic restrictions started to ease some months back. Now, we are big advocates for plant-based meals and love seeing a diverse range of cuisines (Casserole serves Indian, Western, Middle Eastern, Asian, and more!) so when we were invited for the tasting, we knew we’d make the perfect guest.

Our first impressions? The guests are immediately thrust into a soft and cosy forest-themed space complete with creepers, monstera leaves, and foliage hanging from the ceiling and draping the entrance. However, unlike typical meat-free restaurants, the resort’s Executive Chef Gregory Georges, Executive Sous Chef Pradeep Kumar and the culinary team, have already set themselves apart.

As the restaurant’s name suggests, casseroles, which encourage shared and regenerative dining experiences, are available on a rotating menu of chef’s specials. In fact, this rotating menu is their distinct feature, which allows the culinary team to demonstrate the breadth of their creativity with meat alternative cuisine. Prepare to be surprised and deliciously delighted with new creations each time you return!

“We recognise that there is developing interest in meatless alternatives and guests are seeking more mindful dining options. We are introducing this dining experience to cater to the changing preferences and provide a unique option as well as a forward-thinking culinary journey for our guests to explore,” said Mr Gavin Weightman, General Manager, Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa, Singapore. The restaurant is also conceptualised to evoke interest and encourage guests to explore meat-free cuisine with a rising emphasis on conscious eating.

Here’s what to look out for in the menu:

casserole green is the new black

IMAGE: Detox Mojito, Whisky Sour, Rosemary Gin Fizz


We started off with three pre-dinner cocktails. (Did you know all the garnishes are made from herbs grown in-house?) Detox Mojito was our personal favourite. It’s made from all the refreshing ingredients: cucumber juice, lime juice, celery juice, rum, soda, and mint leaves. Looking for something sweeter? Try the Rosemary Gin Fizz made from gin, lemon juice, and rosemary-infused syrup. The Whisky Sour is for a stronger hit – the delicious foam you see on the top is made with Aquafaba and Angostura Bitters for the “S” monogram of their logo.


Seafood lovers rejoice! A perfect way to kick off the meal is with the Flaked Tuna Nicoise Salad, comprising Confit Provencal vegetables, olives, shredded egg (OnlyEg), roasted potato, and pepper dressing. (Brands such as Impossible Foods, Green Rebel Foods, OnlyEg, Tindle, Karana and more, are used to replicate the exact tastes and textures.) Another wonderful option is the Thai Fish Cake & Roasted Sesame Soba Salad. This features a delicate assembly of shredded raw vegetables and citrus soy dressing, the combination of sour and sweet flavours from carrots and squeezed lime on soba.


casserole green is the new black

IMAGE: Masala Dosa

Moving on to the appetisers section, you’ll want to start with Casserole’s Masala Dosa, a fermented rice dish with potato masala packed inside, shredded egg (made with OnlyEg), and tomato and coconut chutney. This one stood out as a hearty and warm meal, served on a banana leaf that enriched the dosa’s flavours. The sambar was uniquely served with chopped ladyfingers and mustard seeds for an aromatic nutty taste, perking up the lentils and rice dish dosa when fried with curry leaves.


casserole green is the new black

IMAGE: Middle Eastern Spiced Kebab & Falafel

Also, a highlight in the appetisers is the Middle Eastern Spiced Kebab & Falafel with hummus, broiled eggplant, beetroot dip, pickled onion, tomatoes, and warm pita bread to go with the tender and mouth-watering kebab. It’s a middle eastern riot!

Main Course

casserole green is the new black

IMAGE: Banana Leaf Dry Braised Beef Rendang

A must-have for the main course is the signature Casserole Fried Rice as well as the Banana Leaf Dry Braised Beef Rendang which comes with blue pea-flavoured jasmine rice, red chilli sambal, roasted nuts, and pickles. The dish features beefless rendang from Green Rebel Foods cooked in a mixture made from scratch by the culinary team and then slow-cooked in coconut milk. It’s like they say, rendang slows the world down. The flavour of rice comes from being cooked with butterfly pea brew, which is called nasi kerabu in Malaysia, and it’s easily the most simple yet gorgeous treat for the eyes.


casserole green is the new black

IMAGE: Charcoal Grilled Satay

Equally compelling is the Charcoal Grilled Satay with lontong rice cake, pickled red onions, cucumber, and the most delicious vegan satay sauce (or bumbu kacang)—it’s thick, chunky, full of flavour, and pairs perfectly with the chewy and richly textured satay sticks, infused with the aroma of smouldering charcoal.


casserole green is the new black

IMAGE: The Tropical Coconut Delight

The Desserts are a selection of sweet creations that complement the dishes. Looking for something on the colder side? You’ll love The Tropical Coconut Delight, presented in a coconut husk and filled with passionfruit, coconut and lime sorbet, tropical fruit and basil seed.


casserole green is the new black

IMAGE: Eggless Chocolate Cake

Another more classic dessert option is the Eggless Chocolate Cake, made with a 70 per cent dark chocolate ganache and topped with berries, roasted hazelnuts and a sea salt caramel sauce—sweet, with a tinge of tart flavour from the berries, and incredibly filling.

Truly, Casserole is a restaurant you need to experience to appreciate its quality and skill of beautiful floral assembly and delicate taste. Thanks to the variety, it is well worth a visit, whichever cuisine you are craving. And with innovative chefs trying out new recipes and textures, you are assured of a new casserole experience each time.


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