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Green Is The New Black

The Naughty or Nice Sexual Wellness Gift Guide

Reading Time: 4 minutes
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Dear Santa, I Can Explain…nevermind, I’ll buy my own stuff. Here’s the lowdown on socially, environmentally-friendly and conscious products for your sex life.

Have you been really good at being naughty? While being conscious of the environment, social causes, and gifting for him/her/them – how conscious are you being for your own wellness? How about loving consciously? If you’ve been neglecting yourself recently, pay attention to our love and play guide for those who want to mix pleasure with well being and a sprinkle of naughty. Brought to you by our friends at SPARK Fest


Vegan-friendly, female-led, erotica and sensual products
Shop here £3-£90
Bijoux Indiscrets is a Spanish born, female-led and eco-conscious company that produces sensual accessories, erotic cosmetics, and intimate toys designed by women for women. They want to empower women to create unforgettable moments of pleasure. The MAZE collection is PETA approved vegan leather and almost all of their other products are vegan too.











Certified organic and vegan-friendly intimate lubricants
Shop here $9-$25
Sliquid have created a range of certified organic, paraben and glycerin free lubricants for your play time in the boudoir. Designed to uniquely enhance your body’s own natural lubrication, their products are vegan-friendly with no animal testing, and are made with recycled packaging. By using only safe ingredients, this is one of the cleanest and most natural lubricants on the market.











Fairtrade, natural, vegan, cruelty-free, healthy condoms and sexual wellness products for you and the planet
Shop here $10-$14  
Have you ever thought about what you put in your vagina? Well, Sustain Natural has. Vaginas are the most absorbent part of a woman’s body, so what is put in them matters. Sustain Natural make all of their products free of toxins and carcinogens which are commonly found in most condoms, tampons, lubes. They also say no child labour and yes to fair wages, free education and healthcare for the community where they source their rubber.


Vegan, cruelty-free, organic and natural award-winning oils and toy cleaners
Shop here $10-$20
Intimate Earth has a signature collection of arousal serums, glides and massage oils and toy cleaners formulated with certified organic extracts and natural ingredients. They don’t use paraben, benzocaine, glycerin or aspartame. This award-winning line is healthy and soothing for you and never tests on animals.


Award-winning socially motivated vibrators, normalising sexual wellness
Shop here $30-$65
Smile Makers are on a mission to normalize the perception of female sexuality and make sexual pleasure a social right. They work closely to promote sexuality awareness and education with local governments as well as uniting NGOs, sexologists and gynaecologists. They have taken the unconventional route of selling through Watsons and other health and beauty retailers to normalize sexual wellness and make this area more accessible to the general public.


High quality, ethically produced toys with an eco-heart
Shop here $15-$115  
Fuze is a sex-positive Canadian company that created the highest quality 100% medical grade silicone toys that are ethically produced. Their dildos and but plugs are phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, perfect for people with latex allergies and the quality is backed by a lifetime guarantee. Fuze is strongly committed to protecting the environment, they are powered by renewable energy, are on the road to carbon neutrality, collect and conserve water and are neutral for water usage. They also donate a large part of their profits to caring for their local ecology.












Eco-friendly, sustainably produced, wire-free bras and bralettes
Shop here $40
Terie seeks to empower and liberate women by promoting wire-free bralettes for ladies of all shapes, sizes and skin colour. Made with eco-friendly bamboo material, their sustainable products ensure premium quality and fine craftsmanship. Their bralettes are anti-anything negative – anti-bacteria, anti-UV rays and anti-odour. The women in your life deserve the breast!


Soy-based massage oil candles
Shop here €19-€30
Set the mood with one of Petit Joujoux’s soy-based massage candles. Once ready you can blow out the candle and drizzle the melted wax onto your partner’s back. That’s right – the wax melts into a warm (not burning) massage oil. Get special offers at Lila Sutra here.

If you are looking how to love more consciously during this busy time of year, check out the SPARK Fest Asia podcasts on self-care, love and libido, because let’s face it – sometimes the holiday madness can throw things a little out of whack!

This guide is part of our 12 Days of Conscious Christmasclick to see all the guides. Let’s all take #LittleGreenSteps to #LiveMoreConsciously this Christmas!

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Erin Chen is a sexual wellness advocate, the founder of Lila Sutra, and a sex + relationships counsellor. She stands for the inclusion of sexual wellness as part of everyday healthy living.