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Green Is The New Black

Stop The Toxin Overload With The Natural Deo ZeroYet100

Reading Time: 4 minutes
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In a world cluttered with glitzy products, where each one is offering to be better than the other, do we really know what we are applying on our bodies each day? People are starting to wake up to the high levels of chemicals hidden behind the sleek packaging and looking for products that are natural yet still high performing.

Which is why it is so refreshing to come across companies that go the extra mile to meet this growing demand. Meet Zeroyet100 and their natural deodorant.

We chatted with Sheetal Avlani, co-founder to understand why ‘normal deodorants’ are so toxic, how her and her co-founder Anita Patel are changing the game, and if there is a way we can detox all those chemicals we’ve been layering on for years.

Natural deodorant zeroyet100


GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK: Why did you decide to start a natural deodorant company?

SHEETAL AVLANI: Simply, out of intense frustration! What utterly shocked me was that a daily, personal care product like deodorant – one that we in the tropics cannot live without – is so clearly toxic and bad for you in the long run. My co-founder Anita Patel and I were frustrated with second-guessing the purity of the ingredients in the products we were using and their alarming side effects. And so a conscious brand was born – ZeroYet100. We sensed a growing need in the emerging conscious generation to steer away from the clearly toxic products and embrace a more holistic and natural product. We merged these latent needs to innovate and create a natural deo that actually delivers on its promise.


Can you share with us more about the facts that got you wanting to fix the deo situation?

You are clearly living in the dark ages if you are not aware of the dangerous side effects of most commercial deodorants, talcum powders or even crystal deodorant stones. It is downright scary when you realise the magnitude of the results of extensive research into the deodorant categories.


> Most commercial deodorants and antiperspirants contain aluminum along with chemicals called parabens that have been liked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. The aluminum and parabens are absorbed into your bloodstream and slowly but surely build up toxicity in your body. A single use will cause a build-up of 0.021 percent of aluminum in your body. Now simply multiply this by the number of times you are using the product. Scary.


> Crystal deodorant stones are a popular natural deodorant alternative, often used by health-conscious shoppers looking to avoid aluminum and parabens. However, if you are looking to avoid aluminum, crystal deodorant stones might not be your best choice. While many claim to be aluminum free, they are simply referring to aluminum cholorohydrate, aluminum hydrobromide and aluminum zirconium. The aluminum in crystal deodorant stones is a different kind of compound known as Alum, the most common form being potassium alum. This might be a better alternative to commercial deodorants but it clearly contains aluminum which is absorbed by your skin.


> Talcum powder is another substitute used by many to tackle sweat woes but is another toxic product. According to the cancer prevention coalition, the use of feminine hygiene products containing talcum powders puts women at an increased risk for ovarian cancer. Plus, the inhalation of the fine talcum powders on a daily basis can irritate the lining of the lungs.


Sounds like a no-brainer to avoid these products. But how did you combat this and overcome the stigma that natural deodorants are not effective?

After months of intensive research into which natural products would deliver effective results, we finally zeroed into the all natural formula that was 100% effective as well as nourishing. Now, that was a tall order but after extensive testing, we were elated we had finally got it right!

Zero chemicals but 100% purity and effectiveness became the foundation on which we built the brand. Zeroyet100 was finally launched as an all natural handcrafted unisex deodorant. It is available in deodorant pots and roll on deo sticks, with nothing synthetic yet is 100% effective. It is absolutely free from aluminium parabens or any other chemical additives and promises you all day long protection with a natural fragrance. The deodorants are infused with the goodness of essential oils of palmarosa and patchouli with a nourishing base of cocoa and shea butters, magnesium and activated charcoals, probiotics and cold pressed coconut oils.

The biggest hurdle in our path was the perception that natural deodorants are simply not completely effective and we took this up as a challenge! We were determined that Zeroyet100 deodorants would surpass the expectations of even our most demanding consumers.


Is there anything we can do to reverse the build-up of toxins in our bodies from years of deodorant use?

To fix the extensive toxin absorption created by years of using chemical deos, we have included a detox pack. Our formula works on the body from the inside, neutralizing the sweat-causing bacteria and lets your skin breathe, unlike most commercial deodorants that simply clog your pores and mask the body odour. It is especially formulated to draw out the toxins from your body after years of using chemical deodorants. It helps you effortlessly transition from using commercial devices to the all-natural deodorants. On top of that, it actually lightens your underarms and the coconut oils and shea butters work hard on improving your skin conditions thus making it a great find for those with sensitive skin.


And can you share about the eco-friendliness of the product?

It’s hard to believe, but a little will go a long way for your body. To the conscious people, our deodorant products are available in eco-friendly packaging with bamboo spatulas for easy application. We are on a journey to become more eco-friendly, and soon you’ll be seeing 100% recycled and biodegradable push-up tubes. Definitely more to look forward too.


Sweat woes begone with this naturally crafted marvel. Get ZeroYet100 now.

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A true blue Gemini, Sheetal Shah loves dabbling in a myriad of arenas from content writing , editing children’s books to teaching. A graduate of commerce further embellished by an advertising and marketing diploma and with a flair for writing made the transition to content writing easier. She teaches creative writing to school kids as well as pursues content writing .