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Protect The Planet Well-For Your-Being

Handcrafted Natural Deodorant and Armpit Detox Pack which is nothing synthetic YET totally effective.

Enough! The word that started it all. Simply enough of getting startled every day when we realise the amount of toxicity we consume unknowingly! Enough of being taken for a fool by big faceless corporations that peddle snazzy products loaded with toxic synthetic elements.
This is what lead to the birth of the brand ZeroYet100. A want to offer a cleaner alternative. A brand which resonates with today’s generations of being health conscious but yet demanding. A brand that stands for purity. A brand that believes in harnessing the vast potential of mother nature for a range of healthcare products. A brand that’s devoted to pure holistic living.
Simply put, a brand that promotes a healthier you!

At ZeroYet100, they strive for perfection in all that they do. Right from procurement of the purest natural ingredients to exhaustive research and intensive testing they simply left no stone unturned to formulate ZeroYet100 deodorants which offer you 100% effectiveness and 0% chemicals.
YOU CAN  FINALLY HAVE IT ALL! The demanding perfectionist in you can tick mark all the benchmarks of a great deodorant right from no chemicals, natural ingredients, no sweat stains and lastly a unique lingering subtle fragrance.
ZeroYet100 deodorants are absolutely devoid of any synthetic toxic chemicals and their hazardous side effects. They are infused with the goodness of essential oils of Palmarosa and Patchouli in a unique nourishing base of magnesium, activated charcoal, probiotics, and cold pressed coconut oil. All the goodies you will ever need for a great deodorising experience! The absolute best mother nature has to offer when it comes to deodorants.
One of the highlights of this marvelous product is that it is accompanied by a detox pack. A detox pack will help restore your skin’s natural PH  and ease your transition to using a natural deodorant. It draws out the toxins accumulated in your system after years of using commercial products.  It helps you with an underarm detox before you use ZeroYet100.
ZeroYet100 is an extensively tested product formulated from the purest of natural ingredients. It is a unisex product and completely safe for use by children, pre-teens, teenagers and even breastfeeding moms. Only 100 % love and zero chemicals. So, go ahead and spread a little bit of the ZeroYet100 goodness.

CRYSTAL CLEAR: ZeroYet100 is a pure sterling blend of the finest ingredients procured from the purest of sources.

PROTECT THE PLANET: ZeroYet100 is Aluminium free, Chemical free, Cruelty-free and Paraben free.

WELL FOR YOUR BEING: ZeroYet100 is Vegan and has been approved by the Standards and Testing Centre of Hong Kong.  THEY use Essential Oils of the highest quality that work to fight bad bacteria.


The simple, pure, and holistic living has always been the predominant guiding force, that co-founders Anita Patel and Sheetal Avlani have always abided by. On the lookout for a cleaner and a chemical-free alternative, the duo decided to come up with an all natural, chemical free deodorant – that works!Health, fitness and healing have always been the predominant guiding force by which we have always abided by.  “Your body is the only place you have to stay, so be careful what you put into it!”  is their mantra.