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Your Vitality Store

Well-For Your-Being

Online store for natural health products, services and information for better living and well being.


Your Vitality Store is an online platform that provides natural wellness products such as herbal supplements, essential oils and skin care. Their products support conscious healing by being biocompatible (meaning with no addiction and no side effects) and bioavailable (easy assimilation by the body).  They support the natural healing capacity of the body without disturbing the balance of its delicate physiology. Products they carry take into account the holistic aspect of the body to address it as a whole.

The mission is to offer the best possible selection of natural health and well-being products available on the market, with high-quality manufacturing standards and ingredients. It’s all about safety, transparency, and trust. The brand focuses on wellness as a lifestyle and a mindset that is built every day.

Everything you order from them is 100% biocompatible, meaning there will be no addiction or side effects. Choosing biocompatible products makes the difference. Making sure the natural product you consume/use has been developed with the respect of the delicate balance of the human body physiology in mind, and has been produced with high-quality manufacturing standards and ingredients.

WELL FOR YOUR BEING: All their supplements are natural and 100% biocompatible to suit your body needs.

Four years ago, Valerie – the founder – searched online for a natural supplement. There were so many options and she felt overwhelmed with the choices and information.
She put in an order – it was “all natural”, so it must be good, right?
After two weeks of taking the supplements, Valerie felt terrible, like a walking zombie. Her mind was in a constant fog. She couldn’t sleep well and felt exhausted. As soon as she stopped taking the supplements, the symptoms disappeared.
In a quest to get healthy, she managed to feel worse! And it turns out, thousands of other people share a similar experience.
After an experience turned bad using natural supplements ordered online, Valerie realised that not all supplements are created equal  – quality and consistency vary and natural products can have harmful effects.
Something had to change. There needed to be a place to buy trusted products that are safe and created with a deep understanding for the human body and physiology.
This was the start of Your Vitality Store