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Vega Organics

Power To The People Protect The Planet

100% natural, wildcrafted & organic skincare. Free from synthetic & toxic ingredients. Free from palm oil, cheap fillers & false claims.



Vega Organics is a 100% natural, wild crafted and organic. Their products are formulated with potent cell supporting and rejuvenating natural ingredients that are designed to work with our bodies own healing systems. Handcrafted in Bali in small batches with loving intentions and the utmost care for your skin and the planet.



Their ethos, like their products, are founded on truth and integrity on every level. 100% products with no cheap fillers and no marketing trickery and false claims of miracles.



PROTECT THE PLANET: Using only sustainable and environmentally-responsible farming practices and trees.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Assisting people in meeting their sustainability goals and needs.



Co-founder Nadia Vega has been working as an actress and performer since the age of 9. Covered with thick makeup “skincare” regimes and “miracle” beauty treatments on a daily basis. She never questioned what was in them or the impact it might be having on her health or the environment. Taking a break from her public life while attending university in Australia. She was influenced by her aunt whose background is in natural health to try a more natural, simple approach to skincare. She was shocked to learn of the many toxic and harmful chemicals used in personal hygiene products and the devastating impact they have on both the health of the planet and all its inhabitants, human, animal and marine life. On her return to Indonesia and armed with this new knowledge, she found it frustratingly difficult to find true natural and organic products. Many looked and even claimed to be natural but on reading the labels were far from it. Determined to do something, the result was 5 years of research, experimenting testing refining and many struggles to finally bring Vega Organics to the market.