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Power To The People Protect The Planet Well-For Your-Being


Singapore’s first zero-waste grocery store.



UnPackt is the first zero-waste specialty grocer and wholesaler in Singapore to offer packaging-free shopping. Here, you can pick up quality groceries and daily lifestyle products in your own containers. The business model helps you minimize food waste and excessive plastic packaging, while saving you money on your grocery bill. UnPackt is also a social enterprise which aims to employ single parents and elderly. They want to cultivate a conscious community within your neighbourhood. They are all in this together; make a pact to go unpacked with us today.



At its core, UnPackt is a home-grown social enterprise supporting other home-grown enterprises. UnPackt aims to meet consumer needs on a more personal level rather than being solely driven by profit, all while staying true to their environmentally friendly and socially conscious ethos.



WELL-FOR-YOUR-BEING: Fresh and local sourced products

PROTECT THE PLANET: Minimize food waste and excessive plastic packaging encouraging people to bring their own container.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: They aim to employ single parents and elderly.



Jeff Lam’s ten years of experience in the retail industry and two years in corporate sales have served him well in managing UnPackt. Despite being new to food distribution, he knows the nuts and bolts of retail inside out, such that sustaining and running a business is second nature to him. Jeff was introduced to the zero-waste movement by his friend and co-founder, Florence Tay. To Jeff, zero-waste just makes sense, both economically and environmentally. The zero-waste movement opened a world of alternatives to him, and he wants to share its benefits with his peers.

Florence Tay, co-founder of UnPackt, is on a mission. A passionate advocate for eco-friendliness, the 36-year-old has always believed in reducing unnecessary food and packaging waste. After coming across an online video about the zero-waste lifestyle, Florence realized that she finally had a label to encapsulate her beliefs. Inspired, and seeing the need for more local zero-waste options, she started UnPackt with her friend and co-founder Jeff Lam. Building community awareness has long been a part of Florence’s career.  With UnPackt, Florence aims to cultivate a more conscious and caring community, one grocery run at a time.