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The R Collective

Innovation For Good Power To The People Protect The Planet

Sustainable luxury fashion


The R Collective is a social impact fashion brand that creates luxury upcycled garments using waste materials. It creates sustainable fashion using circular techniques and collaborating with sustainable fashion designers.


The R Collective mission is to reduce textile waste and pollution created by the fashion industry. It aims to make the fashion industry more conscious and is helping to make sustainable fashion the norm in Asia.


The R Collective tackles the issue of textile waste and pollution caused by the fashion industry. By using upcycled rescued textile waste, the R Collective has saved approximately 65,500 yards of fabric and potentially reduced the creation of  34,100 kg of carbon emissions to date.” The fabrics used depend on availability but are typically silk, wool, linen, cotton, and polyester. If not used, these excess materials would be otherwise destined for landfill, incineration, or downcycling. Find out more about The R Collective fabrics here.

The R Collective also raises funds for environmental causes. This includes collaborating with Splendid, a social enterprise with a small garment factory in Hong Kong that is run by the charity Lok Kwan Social Service. It was founded with the mission to empower the local community and currently employs a diverse group of skilled local artisans and craftspeople. Read more about it here.

The R Collective also uses water-soluble garment bags created by Hydroplast, and compostable delivery bags created by Better Packaging.


PROTECT THE PLANET: It sources excess materials directly from luxury brands, mills, and manufacturers to prevent textile waste and excessive carbon emissions.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: The R Collective builds long-lasting partnerships with its manufacturers with the collective mission to make fashion a force for good. It ensures the manufacturers create a safe, healthy work environment within their factories, and only works with those who are committed to people and planet as their guiding principles.

INNOVATION FOR GOOD: The R Collective’s unique approach to the fashion industry is truly inspiring and innovative.


The founder of The R Collective is none other than our very own 2019 Green Warrior, Christina Dean! She is also the Founder and Chair of Redress; a charity that’s on a mission to reduce waste in the fashion industry. Also, Christina is an award-winning journalist and has written opinion pieces for CNN Style, Huffington Post and China Daily. She has been widely quoted in VOGUE, BBC, New York Times, Forbes, Bloomberg Business Week and more.

Christina Dean Founder of R Collective sustainable fashion