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The Green Girl

Power To The People Protect The Planet Well-For Your-Being

Delicate, organic fruits and vegetables, delivered to you the same day they reach Singapore.



It’s pretty simple, really: a box of French or Italian certified organic fruits and vegetables with a mix of the best in season. As soon as the fresh produce touches down in Singapore, the box is prepared and delivered to you the same day. The Green Girl aims to bring you produce that has been picked less than four days before. No storage, no leftovers, just original goodness and preserved nutrients.



To bring fresh, seasonal produce packed with tasty nutrients straight to the customer.



All of the fresh produce sold via The Green Girl is certified organic. It believes that eating organic food is the safest way to reduce our exposure to pesticides, chemical fertilisers, and heavy metals.

No plastic bags here: all fruit and veggie boxes are packaged in recyclable paper bags and carton boxes. This significantly reduces plastic waste.


POWER TO THE PEOPLE – The Green Girl champions organic farming and produce. Its boxes are packed with delicious, seasonal fruit and vegetables that encourage a plant-based diet.

PROTECT THE PLANET – All produce is transported loose and then packaged in recyclable bags and cartons in Singapore. This significantly reduces plastic waste; a common problem when shopping at supermarkets. In addition, The Green Girl orders based on customer orders, which means zero waste as there’s never any leftover, unwanted produce.

WELL FOR YOUR BEING – A firm believer in the idea that food can heal, The Green Girl’s organic produce will ensure you’re squeezing as many tasty, seasonal nutrients into your diet as possible. Each week, the contents of your box will change meaning you’ll be exposed to an ever-rotating array of nutrients that will help build a healthier gut. And all produce is guaranteed to have been picked no more than three days prior to arrival at your door to ensure all of those precious nutrients are preserved.


Adriana has been passionate about food for as long as I can remember. Raised in Bulgaria, Morocco, and France, she was introduced very early on to the tastiest of cuisines and the finest ingredients. In light of recent health challenges, she discovered the power of food; it has the power to heal, and the possibility to harm. Since then, her family’s lifestyle has dramatically changed and she seeks only the cleanest, freshest organic ingredients.