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Power To The People Protect The Planet

Beautifully handcrafted miniature origami accessories.


Sylph is a unique, bespoke service that delights in creating paper handicrafts. Its waterproof miniature origami accessories are designed to showcase traditional Japanese craftsmanship by using a single sheet of paper without cuts or glue. Each piece is a work of art and a modern fashion statement, created by using a folding technique alone. Its origami earrings are folded with love and attention to detail, before being paired with a gold plated or gold-filled attachments. The miniature origami pieces are challenging to create. They are usually folded from 75mm x 75mm papers, but can sometimes get as tiny as 18.5mm x 18.5mm.


Sylph aims to reintroduce traditional handicraft skills like origami and kirie (the art of Japanese paper cutting) back into modern society. Using paper, Slyph champions Penang Peranakan culture, heritage, and tradition. Aside from creating unique trinkets to treasure, Slyph aims to empower women and raise awareness about child abuse through art.


Originally hailing from Penang, Sylph sources the majority of materials from the region to help support the local community. Any additional materials required are sourced from Japan in a nod to the roots of the art of origami. It reduces environmental waste by ensuring all packaging is recyclable


PROTECT THE PLANET: Sylph uses recyclable packaging materials where possible

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Sylph aims to empower women and raise awareness about child abuse through art. It’s also heavily involved in community events to give back.


Shu Ying started cultivating her interest in art at a young age, thanks to her parents’ influence. Her mother is always making something intriguing, such as washi eggs. And her father finds ways to make use of recycled materials to make art, such as cut-outs from newspapers to paste on lamps making personalised “wayang kulit” (traditional shadow play). Her grandmother also makes paper helicopters whenever the wind blows.

Growing up (and even now), Shu Ying revels in recreating and designing crafts as gifts and out of pure curiosity. One of the very first origami she learnt was the tortoise. A Penangite Nyonya, she also uses paper (kirie) to design and cut out motifs as a way to share her Peranakan culture, tradition, and heritage with society.