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Innovation For Good Protect The Planet Well-For Your-Being

A personal lifestyle app for sustainable living in Singapore.


susGain is a free mobile app, launched in July 2020, that incentivises people in Singapore to adopt more sustainable lifestyle habits. It’s as easy as collecting points for your eco-friendly habits to earn cashback rewards at eco-conscious businesses. With every spend, you also automatically support a local charity that works on a cause dear to your heart.


susGain’s vision is to create a world with social and environmental sustainability as the measure of personal and business success. The mission is to equally empower consumers, businesses and other community members in Singapore to drive the change towards sustainability.


The founders of susGain believe that to drive real change and make an impact, we need a large number of stakeholders across all domains to come together and work on it collectively. With susGain they have created an inclusive eco-system that connects consumers, businesses, charities and communities in Singapore in a way that generates mutual value for all parties involved.

While there is a growing awareness for sustainability in Singapore, especially among Millennials and GenZ, there is still an “intention-action gap”, that we need to bridge. The susGain app has been designed around making it simple and convenient for anyone to get started on their green journey.

When conceptualising susGain, they had a close look at how behavioural science can help nudge us to adopt little green steps. They decided to embed elements of gamification, rewards, convenience, philanthropy and social influence into the app to help users make that switch.

Putting it in Anne Marie Bonneau’s words: “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people to do it imperfectly.”


PROTECT THE PLANET: susGain’s app is designed to make it easy to adopt an eco-conscious lifestyle and connected eco-conscious consumers, businesses, charities and the wider community in a simple way.

INNOVATION FOR GOOD: They call upon the power of technology and activate their agenda through a lifestyle app intended to put sustainability at people’s fingertips, for free.

WELL-FOR-YOUR-BEING: Life is indulgent but susGain show you that there are sustainable alternatives that are easily accessible from skincare products to clothing.


susGain was founded by Carolin and Jeebar, a German/Singaporean couple, both deeply passionate about sustainability and conscious living. After returning to Singapore following a stint in the US and Netherlands, they noticed that while there was a growing number of green businesses and ecopreneurships in Singapore, the local sustainability movement is still far from hitting the critical masses.

Drawing from their professional background (HR Consulting for Carolin, Finance for Jeebar) and their experiences living abroad, they crunched their brains on how they could play a part in driving the change towards a more sustainable Singapore…. and the idea for susGain was born.