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Step Of Grace

Protect The Planet

Everyday fashion essentials for the well-travelled souls


Step of Grace is a fashion and lifestyle brand aimed at those who want to do better for themselves and for the earth. Their stylish, eco-friendly womenswear is made using natural fabrics in a local Indonesian production house. They’re committed to ensuring that every decision made and every item sold is as responsible, sustainable, and transparent as possible.


Step of Grace’s vision is to provide access to eco-friendly garments in South East Asia through an environmentally and financially sustainable company. Their mission is to inspire people to be more mindful about their purchases by producing and curating quality products that are made to last with minimum ecological impact. They also strive to always be informed and educated, and to continue learning along the way.


Step of Grace produce pieces in small batches to avoid waste. They only use natural, low-impact materials like pure linen, responsibly harvested rayon, tencel, GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, and bamboo fibres, and their buttons are made from biodegradable, repurposed coconut and seashells. From the tags (made from banana tree bark fibre) to the tape, every part of their packaging is home-compostable or reusable, and all of their marketing materials are printed on 0% Tree Bagasse paper.


PROTECT THE PLANET: Step of Grace is committed to minimizing the harmful effects their products have on the environment – before, during, and after each item’s life cycle. This can be seen in their material choice, production practices, and packaging materials. For every product sold, they also plant a tree in reforestation areas around the world to help offset their carbon footprint.


Stephanie Natawira and Grace Loekman met when they were secondary school classmates and dorm roommates in Singapore. Stephanie graduated from a business school and took the beaten path to become a corporate finance analyst and remained in Singapore, while Grace earnt a Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus on Entrepreneurship, living in both Singapore and Los Angeles. Both lovers of nature and travel, and motivated by a common problem they faced in finding environmentally conscious clothing, they decided to take the leap and create an environmentally conscious company. In 2019, Step of Grace was launched.