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Solar Sound System Hong Kong

Innovation For Good Power To The People Protect The Planet


Sustainable and Mobile sound system for any events.



The organisation Solar Sound System offers sound systems powered by the sun and by the public for events, as well as an educative tool to introduce sustainability to the public. SolarSoundSystem has already powered several hundred workshops and events across more than ten countries, from France to Japan, using only power from the sun and from the attendees on bicycles. Thanks to its design, participants can enjoy music with 100% renewable energy generated speakers, turntables, and sound mixers. The community gets the opportunity to see solar panels working first hand and to participate in the production of electricity through bicycle power.



Solar Sound System helps the community have discussions about energy efficiency and climate change. It’s action targets the the entire community regardless of origin, age or social etiquette.The organisation aims to teach the public about the ease of renewable energy use, and to inspire them to take steps to lessen their reliance on fossil fuels, which is essential so that the world can meet the central goal of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, which is to limit the global average temperature rise to as close as possible to 1.5 degrees Celsius.



PROTECT THE PLANET: By taking action and reducing their energy consumption and by advocating sustainable energy resources.

INNOVATION FOR GOOD: Using solar and muscular energy based sound systems.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Assisting people in meeting their sustainability goals and needs.



The Solar Sound System concept was originally created by researcher and engineer in energy Cédric Carles in Lausanne back in 1999, with the ambition to raise awareness about renewable energy, while helping to finance other sustainability researches such as an online radio running with servers powered by solar energy, or research into repurposing green technologies of the past on the platform Paléo-Energétique. Cédric Carles was joined by co-founders Thomas Ortiz and Rubens Ben to start developing a more structured and international network. It’s network includes now 7 branches in Paris, Lausanne, Berlin, Marseille, the Basque country, Tel Aviv, and the newly opened one in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong branch was co-founded in March 2018 by Aymeric Vollant and Chuck Wu, in close collaboration with the original founders of the project, as well as with the assistance from the Schneider Electric Foundation and sound partner Frog-is.

“A green movement has started is Hong Kong and around Asia. We aim to be one part of the puzzle, one contribution to help organisers make events greener, to spread the message of eco-responsibility and to contribute in reducing their emissions.” Wu and Vollant.