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Power To The People Protect The Planet

Organic and Fair Trade Bed Sheets.


SOJAO is a luxury bed sheets brand committed to supporting marginalised organic cotton farmers and the well-being of the environment through their 100% GOTS-certified organic linens. By cutting out the middlemen and selling online direct-to-consumer, they’re able to offer their luxury sheets without the luxury markup. The name SOJAO means ‘go to sleep’ in Hindi. They want the best possible night’s rest, not only for their customers but also for their entire supply chain – right down to the cotton farmers and their families. At the heart of it all, they want to humbly do their part to close the global inequality gap that exists. And for them, it starts with a simple daily ritual: Sleep.



They care about the people behind our products and they hope you do too! There isn’t any exploitative labor involved in making their organic bed sheets. By supporting fair-trade practices, they support the social and economic rights of the entire supply chain, including the farmers and artisans that are behind each product.

Their organic bed sheets are GOTS-certified. Regular cotton is one of the most pesticide-intensive crops in the world today. Organic cotton crops are grown without harmful chemicals and as a result, don’t poison the water, soil or air. It takes more effort and time and costs a bit more. But they know it’s worth it.

They offer a great looking selection of long-lasting, super comfy organic bed sheets at a price that is fair to you, to the people who made it and to the environment.


PROTECT THE PLANET: Their bed sheets are 100% organic and GOTS-Certified.
POWER TO THE PEOPLE: The support fair trade practices.



In her mid-20s and after a major room revamp, Priscilla, founder of SOJAO, relised how much she cared about how her room looked. Inspired by the thought that we spend so much of our time in bed, she was looking for classic, soft, good-quality bedlinen that was worth sleeping in. Not being able to find what she was looking for and seeing a massive gap in the market, the thoughts to create a bedding brand herself started to take shape.
Starting out her new business – without any experience in textiles or commerce – she soon found that her desire to create something meaningful from scratch outweighed the risks that came with it. With an opportunity to do things differently, she thought of new ways to push boundaries and build a bedding company that offered high-quality, reasonably priced, bed linens that benefitted both the makers and the consumers.

Priscilla Tan