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Shi Fu Miz

Power To The People Protect The Planet


Hong-Kong’s First Zero Waste Plastic Free Music & Arts Festival.



SHI FU MIZ Festival is a new art project created by the collective La Mamie’s and FuFu team to offer modern and original cultural activities in Hong Kong. Organized by two passionate teams, the event has for goal to convey the best values that unite both collectives: curiosity, encounter and conviviality, musical eclecticism, ecological awareness and accessibility.



Vision: The event is part of a DIY approach (Do It Yourself) by inviting the public not to be a spectator but also actor.

Mission: The motto is to offer a varied program of worldwide music to electronic music combining live music, DJ sets and activities around art in a humanised festival, where the spirit of the well-being is the keyword.



The festival aims to raise awareness on reducing its environmental impact, and to influence public behavior in an artistic and experiential setting. They partner with Green Is The New Black who advised them on their ecology strategy, they organise sport, well-being activities and workshops where people can come to discuss eco-related subjects. They also arrange a beach cleanup for volunteers at a nearby Park Tse Wan beach in exchange for free beer.


PROTECT THE PLANET: They featured recycling bins for recyclables and have a dedicated compost corner for people to deposit their waste. They aim to eliminate signe use plastics items and have set-up outdoor cigarette waste receptacles. They also offer free-filtered water at fountains stationed on camp grounds.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Empower people to be actor on climate change through concrete actions, workshops and talks related to sustainability.



FuFu is, a Hong Kong based creative agency, with two complementary sections: music & design, organizing & promoting events in music & art. Since 2 years in Hong Kong, FuFu team organized events in the best venue: Mahalo, Honi Honi, Social Room, Zuma, W Hotel, The Optimist etc and managed International & local Djs on Hong Kong scene & Asia markets.

Parisian DJs collective and event organizers, The Mamie’s is pushing its shopping carts filled with vinyl records in the most popular places and the most atypical of Paris. It was after 200 live performances (Rex Club, Concrete, Faust, Quai Branly, Palais de Tokyo…) and production of thirty events (La Ferme du Bonheur, Le 6B, La Machine du Moulin Rouge, The Soft …), 3 Asia tours with events in Bangkok, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh, & Hong Kong.