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Innovation For Good Power To The People Protect The Planet

Sustainable fine jewellery.


Scéona is a sustainable fine jewellery brand inspired by nature and minimalism. It’s designed for modern women to make them look good and feel good. By using only luxurious materials that are not directly-mined (18 karats recycled gold and cultured diamonds), Scéona aims to offer an alternative to the traditional jewellery industry. Respect for the environment and people is a core philosophy of the brand.


Scéona’s vision is to craft beautiful fine jewellery while significantly reducing its impact on the environment and people. Its mission is to prove that there is another way of creating fine jewellery that is respectful and transparent.


Scéona uses recycled 18 karat gold and cultured diamonds from India. The gold comes from urban mining (the production of precious metals from waste and metal scrap), and the cultured diamonds are created in a lab. There are no intrusive mining methods involved in the production process.

All Scéona packaging is 100% sustainable. Scéona also actively offsets its carbon footprint. Finally, Scéona performs controls to ensure there is no child labour involved in its supply chain, and its main workshop in India is ISO certified.


PROTECT THE PLANET: All of Scéona’s raw materials are not directly mined, which helps preserve the natural environment. It offsets its carbon footprint, and all packaging is 100% sustainable.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Scéona works hard to ensure its supply chain doesn’t involve child labour.

INNOVATION FOR GOOD: Scéona is one of the first luxury jewellery brands to use diamonds, gold, and other raw materials that are innovatively created in labs or upcycled from waste and metal scrap.


Scéona holds a diploma of Gemology from the Gemological Institute of America. Before launching Scéona, she worked for a jewellery company in Singapore as a Product Manager. Passionate about jewellery and fashion trends, she developed a robust set of skills that most jewellers lack: knowledge, technical skills, and design. Concerned about the impact of the jewellery industry on the environment, she sought to find alternatives to traditional practices and processes that challenged the status quo.

Matthieu spent his career working for an international hospitality firm (in Finance, Project Management, and Hotel Management). He started his MBA in January 2019 at INSEAD. Enthusiastic and passionate about entrepreneurship, he won the Low Tech Award of the INSEAD Venture Competition 2019 for Scéona.