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Homegrown Singapore food company specialising in making moist and delicious gluten-free, dairy-free & refined sugar-free food.


Oh My Goodness! is the culmination of its Founder’s own health and wellness journey and the team is on a mission to make gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free Goodness available, accessible and affordable, without ever compromising on taste, texture or quality. Their cakes, breads and cookies are naturally better for you “without tasting like chalk or feeling like cardboard.” Most of its Goodness is completely grain-free and paleo-friendly, too. So no matter your allergy or diet choice, Oh My Goodness! has something for your plate or pantry.


Oh My Goodness! prioritises your wellness by making delicious food that’s better for you more easily available to you. If you’re part of a wheat-free, gluten-free or dairy-free household, expect to see everything you would need for mealtime in your home available at their e-bakery over the next 12 months – we’re talking pizza bases, wraps and more!

Oh My Goodness! is a also low to no waste company when it comes to its operations. Repurposing ingredients and working with its customers to reuse and reduce plastic are just a couple of ways it achieves this.

Oh My Goodness! was recently named a Venture for Good by raiSE, the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise, for its plans to have 100% of its operations staffed by those marginalized by the workforce by 2020.


WELL-FOR-YOUR-BEING: Making delicious food that’s better for you more available, accessible and affordable

PROTECT THE PLANET: Achieving low to no waste in its operations

POWER TO THE PEOPLE: Empowering ex-offenders and persons with disabilities through meaningful, gainful employment


Ramya started baking when she was 16. Turning 30 sparked off a journey towards health and
wellness, leading to a keen interest in food science driven by a profound appreciation of the notion
that “you are what you eat.” Two years later, Ramya learnt that she could no longer consume wheat
or dairy for health reasons. Indeed, Oh My Goodness! is the culmination of its Founder’s own health
and wellness journey resulting in an intrinsic understanding of its customers and their needs.

A firm believer of paying it forward, Ramya serves as a mentor to students in her former
programme, The University Scholars Programme at the National University of Singapore, and as a
business advisor at INSEADERS, a startup venture booster dedicated to alumni entrepreneurs. She is
also a part of the #WomenofChooYilin group of female mentors to young women in business as well.
Through Oh My Goodness! Ramya has also created internship opportunities for students of The
University Scholars Programme as well as employment opportunities for ex-offenders.