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Crystal Clear Innovation For Good Protect The Planet

NOICE is a botanical toothpaste that’s 100% natural, fresh, and a completely safe alternative to regular toothpaste.


Its co-founders are the entrepreneurial bright sparks behind Jumanji Studio – a collective focusing on ideas that make a positive impact on the future of the planet and people. NOICE is the latest in a long line of eco-friendly solutions. After realising that in France alone, six tubes of toothpaste are consumed every second, the team decided to explore greener alternatives. Shortly after, NOICE was born; a new kind of toothpaste that is natural, organic and relies on eco-friendly packaging and distribution.

NOICE works with dentists and international labs to ensure the unique formula keeps your pearly whites in tip-top condition. The ingredient list is short and all-natural. We’re talking eucalyptus oil to prevent gum disease. Liquorice oil to fight dental cavities. Anise oil to fight bad breath. Acacia il to treat bleeding gums and prevent cavities. Peppermint oil for freshness and to fight bacteria. And charcoal to remove stains and whiten your teeth. And not a chemical in sight, hurrah for that!

The product comes in refillable packaging with compostable ‘pods’ that are delivered directly to your front door.


NOICE is on a mission to offer a new kind of toothpaste. ​It has reinvented the formula, experience, packaging, and distribution of traditional toothpaste. It’s what the NOICE team like to call positive propaganda!

NOICE’s vision is to put common sense back into everyday personal care products. It believes people should pay for the product, not marketing or brand.


NOICE strives to be completely transparent and has opted to be certified by EcoCert Cosmos to prove its claims. It has created an innovative product and distribution concept that is circular in design.

Its packaging has been carefully designed to be as eco-friendly and durable as possible. Part of the packaging is reusable (refillable), part of it is 100% compostable (the recharge), and the rest is made of recycled and recyclable material (the pack). The key packaging component (the bottle) is refillable/reusable infinitely. The consumables (pods and remaining packaging) create some waste, but they are compostable and made of recycled material and recyclable.

As for the product itself? The ingredients have been carefully selected and feature a host of natural, organic ingredients that are safe for its users and the planet.



PROTECT THE PLANET: NOICE aims to reduce excessive waste caused by regular toothpaste consumption. Its carefully designed packaging aims to be as eco-friendly as possible. And its product is 100% organic.

TRANSPARENCY: One of the core values of NOICE is to be completely transparent, and its working towards an EcoCert Cosmos certification to prove it.

INNOVATION FOR GOOD: The team behind NOICE are part of the innovative Jumanji Studio, a collective that hopes to accelerate the world’s transition towards a sustainable future, one innovation at a time (starting with toothpaste!)


Jumanji Studio is a collective of entrepreneurs who pulled their resources to build solutions that accelerate the world’s transition towards a sustainable future. Based in Singapore, Jumanji co-founds startups inspired from a more circular, durable, and fair economy. NOICE is the brainchild of Clement Hochart, one of Jumanji’s three co-founders. The Jumanji team partnered with Morgane, an advertising expert and green enthusiast, to launch the product.


Visit the NOICE Kickstarter campaign to get involved!