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Negative Ion Clothes

Innovation For Good Protect The Planet Well-For Your-Being

Healthier clothes that improve your well-being.


What if starting a healthier lifestyle is as simple as changing your clothes? Negative Ion Clothes has just the right amount of ions to give your body the positive energy it needs. Start controlling what comes in contact with your skin and entering your pores today with Negative Ions. Good for your insides and out!


Negative Ion Clothes is an innovative clothing brand that is Oekotex-certified toxin-free, which means it is free from any harmful substances such as chemicals, carcinogens and pesticides. These clothes are designed to help you embrace a healthier lifestyle by simply changing what you wear.

An atom is made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons. When there are more electrons than protons, the atom becomes a negative ion. Negative ions are found abundantly around areas in nature such as waterfalls, the countryside or even just by opening your home window.

Negative ions can improve your overall wellbeing in 4 ways:
1. Purify the blood and improve blood circulation by increasing the oxygen capacity of red blood cells
2. Keep our cells healthy and active by optimising our blood oxygen intake and overall waste elimination in our cells
3. Boost our overall immune system
4. Balance the system and improve areas such as sleep and hormone balance

Never knew we could get all that from just clothes! Not only do negative ions do wonders for our health, they also help our planet.


INNOVATION FOR GOOD: Using negative ions in clothes to help enhance the body’s own healing, to aid recovery and prevent illnesses.

WELL-FOR YOUR-BEING: Purifying and improving blood circulation, keeping cells healthy, boosting the immune system and balancing the body to improve overall wellness.

PROTECT THE PLANET: Oekotex-certified, toxin-free clothes, without chemicals, carcinogens, pesticides or other harmful substances.


Husband and wife, Nicholas and Beatrice first discovered Negative Ion Clothes when Beatrice’s mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Throughout the battle with cancer, these negative ion clothes were instrumental in supporting her wellness.

The benefits experienced didn’t stop there, both the founders experience improvements in their own wellness after using the negative ion clothes and adopting healthier habits. Nicholas’s eczema improved and he even had new hair growth where hair had stop growing. Beatrice was healthier for longer without falling sick and felt way more energetic.

As wholesome as nature itself, Negative ions are well researched to have positive (pun intended!) benefits for wellness. Their negative ion clothes from Japan generate an abundance of negative ions and for a lifetime.